Monday, 20 March 2017

NO FUCK BÉBÉ - s/t LP 2012

Another lost nugget from France now finally available and No Fuck Bébé were formed 1979 in Montbeliard by René (vox+guitars), Lolo (bass) and Jimmy (drums) and they recorded all these goodies on this record in 1984 before they split up and Mémoire Neuve released this in an edition of 400 copies in 2012. Eleven solid rockin' punkies in the vein of the superb Dogs. Fine artwork but unfortunate everything in French, why remains unanswered. Anyway, sounds still fresh after thirty years, especially the instrumentals have a driving beat. A mind-blowing album.

- Big Thx to François -

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  1. Thanks to you and franÇoise for this French one.Have a nice week, folks!!!