Saturday, 18 March 2017

RED LONDON - This Is England 1984

One still goes before I leave home and we travel over to the British Isles and meet Red London, a four piece Oi! Punk combo from Sunderland, formed in 1981 by guitarist Kid and his brother Gaz on bass, vocalist Patty and drummer Raish and after the debut 7inch in 1983 they released their first album on Razor Records and they recorded thirteen excellent streetpunk songs with tempo and fine ballads and I must say this record fascinate me instantly because I love the English Oi! sound. Very melodic and dirty snotty guitars combined with the quiet pieces, simply fantastic and a singer who has a brilliant voice, Yeah!, lovely. You can get more Info via an Interview from the end of the century on PunkOiUK and in 2002 the band unfortunately disbanded. Yo, that's it for today. I must now make myself pretty and fresh for my pearl - Have a great weekend!!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -


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  1. i don't know why i thought "a look back in anger" was their first lp ,and i missed this one!well i have some songs but im gettin' this one as soon as i can, ___they changed the singer and the lps that followed this one wasn't so good ,anyway danke schon,again!!!