Thursday, 13 October 2016

INOCENTES - Adeus Carne 1987

So, one is still going and we cross the atlantic and stop in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. The Inocentes were formed 1981 and with their first record Miséria E Fome, released 1983, they get my full attention. Two of the four tracks appeared on the Life Is A Joke compilation via Weird System and both are fuckin' killers (I think you know the songs) but first they contributed four smasher on the Brazilian comp. Grito Suburbano from 1982. During their first incarnation in the first half of the 1980s, the band played basic energetic and politically charged hardcore punk. This record is their first full length on WEA and unfortunately not so aggressive as in their early days, a pity. But the gentlemen are very active and have continuously produced albums and are still alive. Not a bad album but I would have wished more hardcore.

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