Thursday, 17 August 2017

V/A - Life Is A Joke 1984

A collection of Punkrock, Hardcore and high energy noise from around this planet. Yeah, exactly and this is the first part of this mini serie, a total of three compilations exist, shot from the Hamburg label Weird System in the 80s into the orbit. I remember at that time I was interested in the publications of the label and bought a lot of records, together with AGR the most important in Germany for essential punkrock. While AGR put its focus on German bands gave the Hamburger international bands the chance to send their demos to them and connections were established, lots of plenty stuff roll in and so they created some damn cool records with awesome songs/bands which are, in my opinion, nowadays belong to the best ever. Life Is A Joke is full with rare tracks, partly nowhere else published, Volume 2 was released as a limited double LP, all records numbered and the first presses come in colorful vinyl, always in an elaborate artwork, made in Germany! 

1.Red Threat - FANG
3.Miseria E Fome - INOCENTES
4.Oblivion - HYSTERIA
5.The Buck Stops Here - CIVIL DISSIDENT
6.Capital Investment - RIOT SQUAD S.A.
7.Der Söldner - RAZZIA
8.Sota (Endless Version) - TERVEET KÄDET
9.Fuckin' Shit - SHIT S.A.
10.Enorm In Form (Manchmal Träum' Ich Vom Holzbein) - RAZZIA
11.Silent Hate - HYSTERIA
12.Revive Tu Vida - SHIT S.A.
13.Fun With Acid (Ill Version) - FANG
14.Aprendi A Odiar - INOCENTES
16.Message - TERVEET KÄDET
18.Mirror Of Deception - CIVIL DISSIDENT

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