Friday, 18 August 2017

V/A - Punk Är Trevligt/Jazz Är Farligt 1979

"Punk Är Trevligt/Jazz Är Farligt" means "Punk Is Good/Jazz Is Dangerous" and here are thirteen tracks which have it all. TT Reuter with a classic live tune, City Kent shoot a perfect kbd track in the sky, Garboshock heat with an ingenious organ, D.Kon slightly melancholy calm, Martti Lethargie (cool band name) sounds like the Swedish Doors, brilliant and the rest can also convinced. This slab was released via Heartwork Records and I found it through a fluke on my hard disk when I was searchin' for more TT Reuter stuff. Well, this is not my rip but I think it's worth the post here on wdthtc. Both Thumps Up!!!

1.Böka & Trängas - GARBOSHOCK
2.The Leader - D.KON
4.Sakta In I Allt - TT REUTER
5.Kampsång - ROBERT WIDÉN
6.Snutlåten - CITY KENT
7.Den Udda Gudens Puls - R. METZENER
8.Bilder Av Ett Mörker - TT REUTER
9.Alla & Jag - HEMLIGA BOSSE
10.Ingenting - SOLDAT OPIAT
11.Onaturlig Ondska - MARTTI LETHARGIE
12.Skaka Sakta - GARBOSHOCK
13.Röster - D.KON

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