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Thursday, December 04, 2014

IDEAL - Zugabe 1983

Ideal is one of the bands for me that was falsely labeled as NDW-Band. Ideal were different, musically & lyrically and this live album, which also was the last, they prove the impressively vivid contrast to the Hubert Kah & associates. Absolutely brilliant punk rock, fast & snotty, and the organ brings the groove here that many NDW bands simply do not have. Fuck, what an album ... that has made in my opinion music history.And here's even a new song (Acryl - Kopf Aus Chrom) on it and it was not published anywhere else. And songs like 'Erschießen', 'Berlin' or 'Ich Kann Nicht Schlafen' are simply implusiver live. I am proud to present you this brilliant LP. Ideal were cool and they still are .. And as a bonus there are 2 newly remixed old songs here. In addition to off-colors one of the most important bands of this 'new wave' era. Ohhh .... I'm back in the 80's... there are bands like sand on the sea but Ideal were unique! In June 1983 appeared this album (a live album) as a "keepsake, farewell & thank you to the fans" tribute. On 26.April 2007, guitarist Frank Jürgen Krüger died at the age of 58 years, the result of a long battle against cancer. Sad and a real big loss.

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Friday, December 04, 2015

IDEAL - Bi Nuu 1982

What I have written about Kraut also applies to this fantastic band. All albums are real Sahnestücker and the first two I haven't not ripped (Oopss!) - The final studio album also shows that Ideal from Berlin are still a fantastic German punk band and that their first record was not the non-plus-ultra. Ideal was for me not a pure NDW band because they understand to put personal & socially critical lyrics in melodic, sometimes aggressive music. I would describe it maybe as 'Schlager', hahahaa... and fuckin' hell everytime I listen to their plates again their music loses none of its relevance and wakes a whole lot of memories. The brilliant live record Zugabe mentioned here again which shows the energy from the band live. Always a good choice & a real pleasure.

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Saturday, December 04, 2021

IDEAL - s/t LP 1980

Even if Annette says these are not punk pieces, in my opinion this is a gross understatement. Because what the band delivered with their debut is extremely powerful and impressively plays some punk albums of the early Eighties on the wall. Remarkable F.J.'s guitar playing which is recorded as unprecedentedly scruffy as I love it, plus great lyrics, hectic rhythms and astonishing variability. This album is an absolutely timeless gem and a real masterpiece. Annette (vocals/keys), F.J. Krüger (guitars), Ernst (bass), Hansi (drums): four musicians from Berlin came together in spring of 1980, when hardly anyone was talking about a "New German Wave". When they parted in April 1983, this wave had already ebbed and splashed along in dreary Schlager monotony. Ideal's musical life was comparatively quick and short. But it was honest. Or with Hansi's favorite saying: "Only the pure material is tolerated." Also against each other. Each of the four could have said it like Annette in one of her texts: "Alone In My Skin." But, what Ideal was, no one could have done alone. Released via Innovative Communication and only real at 45 RPM. Enjoy!

Friday, December 29, 2017

NEONBABIES - s/t LP 1981

Ahhh.... fine stuff now from the Neonbabies: they came together at the beginning of 1979 in Berlin. Among its founding members were the sisters Inga Humpe ("DiLemma") and Annette Humpe ("Anita Spinetti"). The group made its first appearance in the spring of 1979 at the Gasthaus an der Havel and the gigs were the highlight of the concert season 1979/80. Later they were able to make their first recordings at the senate's own Beat Studio with Nikolaus (guitar), Conny (bass), Toni (drums) and Reinhard (saxophone). The first EP (I Don't Want To Loose You) came out early 1980 and includes a first version of the later Ideal killer Blaue Augen, in autumn then the 2nd EP Nervös. The band were now an integral part of the Berlin music scene and were worshiped as cult. 

In early 1980, Annette Humpe founded the band Ideal and was replaced by singer Petra (Miko) but she was only heard on the debut album and this was released on the Berlin independent label Good Noise Records in 1981 and sold ca. 16.000 times, Nikolaus said: ''We were never ideologically defined. Good Noise said: we make the record with you - and then we signed a contract for a plate". The music is a cocktail of early german punk (KFC or S.Y.P.H.) and New Wave & Pop. 

In 1982, Dave Hutchins produced the 2nd album (Harmlos) @ Conny Plank Studio which was released on Ariola Records, followed by a tour through Germany. After the quit of Nikolaus, he was replaced by Toni Kambiz, the group engaged Drafi Deutscher as producer of the 3rd 7Inch 'Ich Bin Ein Mann' but the sale was very much less, far far behind expectations. The last album '1983' was recorded with Gareth Jones in Berlin Hansa Studios and also appears at Ariola. A short time later, the group broke up. Conny left and Inga participated around the project DÖF which was produced by her sister and the single Codo became a great fuckin' hit! With Eiskalte Engel the last Neonbabies 7Inch was done and it was a remix of the title Engel from the 3rd album and was considered as farewell gift for the fans. Enjoy now fourteen crunchy poppy bubbles from album #1.

Monday, May 30, 2022

WANDA'S - A State Of No Mercy 1986

The rattle-punk of Wanda's first few years transformed into decent rock music, as can be heard on A State Of No Mercy, a statement of freedom and tolerance. The band changed line-up several times with a core of three women and on these recordings men are playing in Wanda’s as well and the studio line-up on this brilliant album were Joseé (vocals), Frank (guitar), Jan (bass), Christiaan (sax), Arie (drums) and this is their second and final full-length. The sound has gone from a rougher dirty fuzz sound to a much slicker Siouxsie influenced feel. What hasn’t changed is the lyrical radicalism, still inspirational. The Punk roots, however, remained unmistakable. "And we mean Punk as it was played as a music movement in the first years of its existence: straight forward, with a lot of melancholy humor, full of energy and nicely heavy. The sound of the early days was given a fat layer of metal and crossover: low flying guitars, solid woodcutter drums, driving bass and the menacingly low vocals. The first album (The Ideal, 1979) was about the ideal woman, the cover was phenomenal: all the members' faces had been shuffled & taped together, the music is definitely rammelpunk. Beautifully adolescent and recorded on a four-track recorder in the legendary Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf".
There are combos where the change from "amateurish" sound to melodic & powerful vibes works and in my opinion, the ladies and gentlemen from the Netherlands did it excellently. Wanda's was often described as 'Girl Punk'. A strange title, because what does that sound like? Music is always described in terms of style; each style has its own niche. But when it comes to female musicians, you're suddenly classified based on your gender instead of your music. In 1989 the band performed for the last time with a grandiose farewell concert at the Korsakoff in Amsterdam. Well, I like this record and I highly recommend the download, my dear visitors.

Friday, November 03, 2017

IDEAL - Monotonie 7'' 1982

Now one more rarity by my favorite Berlin band. Rarity you will ask? Yes, the B-side is what I mean. Ideal played one instrumental (Geheimnis Der Großstadt) in their career and that can be only found here. And it's worth for this song alone to buy the record, at least it was for me the incentive, now you see clearly. The A-side was a hit worldwide and it's no wonder why people searchin' for their records nowadays, pleasant stress-free music and all four albums are quite brilliant and they were very successful. So at this point I will not write much about them and if you click Bi Nuu you will find more infos/records and let's come closer to this sympathetic band. By the way, if you take a look at eBay for this single, you will realize that you can't get this record by cheap prizes, sometimes the offers are really crazy. The worls is full of assholes!, also Obacht! Time for soccer, tonight versus Bremen, Prost!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

TON STEINE SCHERBEN - Warum Geht Es Mir So Dreckig? 1971

One of the first and most influential German language rock bands of the 1970s and early 1980s are Ton Steine Scherben and without them Punk in Germany would certainly been different. Well known for the highly political and emotional lyrics of vocalist Rio Reiser, they became a musical mouthpiece of new left movements, such as the squatting movement, during that time in Germany and their hometown of West Berlin in particular. Today, after the band's demise in 1985, and the death of Rio Reiser in 1996, Ton Steine Scherben have retained a cult following and popularity in the related scenes. Recently, some of the remaining members have given reunion concerts under the name "Scherben". Warum geht es mir so dreckig? (Why am I so miserable?) is the debut album by the band, released on David Volksmund. It includes - among other pieces - the song Macht kaputt, Was Euch Kaputt Macht (Destroy What Is Destroying You), which expressed the built-up anger and radicalization of the youth of the late 1960s and early 1970s. In 1971, after the release of the first single "Macht kaputt....", the band went to Klaus Freudigmann's studio in Berlin to record their first album. The setup for the recordings was not ideal, and the sound quality suffered as a result. This is not surprising, as all the band's output was self-produced. As such, the recording sessions were also not entirely satisfactory. In June, Agit 883 and Rote Hilfe (anarchist and leftist political organisations respectively) organised an "informational event" about the empty buildings on the Mariannenplatz in Kreuzberg. Ton Steine Scherben were invited to play, and the teach-in turned into a party which led to one of the first spontaneous squatting actions in Berlin. The recordings of the concert were used for the album's first side; the b-side consists of highlights of the studio recordings. The album's sound has been described as raw and energetic, but the sound quality is somewhat lacking. A great album full of intensity & passion which leaves a distinct mark. Bung-Ho!!!!

Saturday, June 01, 2019

DIE LASSIE SINGERS - Helfen Dir 1991

June, summer, sun, beautiful music and since I had the pleasure to spend eight hours in the office today, I need cheerful music now and that's what the Lassie Singers do. Founded 1988 in Berlin-Kreuzberg and parted again ten years later. With their mixture of creative brilliance and technical dilettance, the band musically fit into the tension between late NDW aftermath and the burgeoning indie self-confidence of the early Hamburger Schule. On the one hand, the lyrics celebrated an offensive naivety and playfulness, but often played with a mischievous and charming hostility towards men. Thanks to legendary song titles such as freedom from a man's mouth (Puke), The couple's lie or How a narrow-minded taxi driver has just destroyed a burgeoning young love (Cologne), the Lassie Singers were at times as "female response to die Ärzte". Core of the group were Christiane Rösinger (aka Christiane Hügelsheim) and Almut Klotz (aka Almut Schummel), the rest of the cast varied. The founding member Funny Van Dannen left the Lassie Singers before the first album, but continued to contribute songs for the band. With Kathrin von Witzleben, Herman Herman and Heiner Weiß the band was completed and the first concerts were played at the legendary Kreuzberg SO36. Pretty soon amn got to the major sony, so that in 1991 the debut album "The Lassie Singers Help You" varied. Commercially, it was not very successful, as well as the Moodier successors "Sei A Go Go" 1992. Three years later, Klotz and Rösinger returned with a completely new line-up, including former Ideal guitarist Eff Jott Krüger. With "City Land Crime" and the accompanying single "Schade" the band reached the pinnacle of their success and also convinced the critics. Although the Lassie Singers sounded as pop and professional as never before, but by no means renounce the snappy-grotesque lyrics. However, the cooperation with Krüger was not consistently harmonious, so that the work was completed quickly. Instead, they tried one last time as a "real band". In 1995, the band recorded the album "Hotel, Hotel" with Britta Neander from Ton Steine ​​Scherben on drums and bassist Dodo Herting. Klotz and Rösinger recorded their first guitar themselves and was produced by Thomas Meinecke in Hamburg.

After four albums, hundreds of concerts and a lot of spilled pop star blood, 1998 the Lassies are over. "Tours make you old, fat, ugly and sad", they say at some point and enter the last round with the "Time-To-Say-Tschüss" tour. Not without promising to make young musicians into pop stars with their label Flittchen Records - they can never become as big as the original Lassie Singers. In the same year, the two compilations "Best of ..." & "Rest of the Lassie Singers" appeared on the specially for Klotz and Rösinger founded Flutchen Records. Christiane & Britta founded the band Britta with Julie Miess, while Almut Klotz found short-lived projects like Parole Trixi or Maxi played under people and was active in the Popchor Berlin founded by her together with Reverend Chr. Dabeler under the name Klotz + Dabeler. Almut Klotz died in August 2013 of cancer, Britta Neander died at the age of 48 years after a heart surgery in Berlin.

Friday, March 04, 2022

EXTRABREIT - Welch Ein Land! - Was Für Männer: 1981

Well-known and also popular overseas are Hagen's Extrabreit and they returned 1981 to the studio to record their sophomore effort. At that time the band consisted of Kai (vocals), Stefan & Ulrich (guitars), Wolfgang (bass), Rolf (drums)In the early 1980s, 3D technology was slowly gaining momentum, resulting in films, posters and even some TV commercials. To experience the effect, paper glasses with red and green plastic lenses were distributed everywhere. An interesting gag for the time. Extrabreit had the idea of using the new technology for Welch Ein Land!... and designed a stereoscopic three-dimensional photo for the cover and as far as I know it's the only one of its kind, and the first edition came with anaglyph glasses and this is innovation I miss these days. Well, a nice review: "WEL-WFM is a more angry, politically quarrelsome album and to everyone's big surprise, first single "Polizisten" immediately turned into the band's first hit, only gaining strength when the Bavarian government banned the song for openly insulting the country's police force. Around the same time, German music journalists had discerned a new trend and dubbed it NDW. Bands like Ideal, Trio, and Spliff demonstrated a new national self-esteem, and Extrabreit, with their raucous, untamed attitude, fit right in. Over a year after its release, Extrabreit's debut album followed its successor into the charts and the single "Hurra, Hurra, die Schule Brennt" quickly climbed into the Top Ten. By 1982 both of the band's albums had established themselves in Germany's Top Five album chart and against all odds Extrabreit had turned into Germany's most successful band of the year." - Enough bla bla, listen and enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

TOLLWUT - Seuchen 2017

An older rip now and a few words from the web: One helluva obscure release for all KBD lovers is this record by Bochum's Tollwut, Susi (vocals), Matte (guitars), Hans (bass), Angela (drums), from Hayride Records, one of the most iconic underground acts Germany saw in its 1980's. We speak of Punkrock in its original form and spirit-border songwriting that presents lots of ska-rhythms among furious riffs. This compilation consists their only vinyl release, the "Seuchen" EP from 1981, and the even more rare "Tollwut-Hits '83" cassette. The more sophisticated tape recordings makes one think of a way more raw, nihilistic and aggressive Ideal and Ton Steine Scherben and might appeal to fans of the more wicked NDW underground as well. In the end all of these bands are rooted in a similar background they share with Tollwut (Rabies). Interchanging male and female vocals add much diversity to these tracks. When it gets to the four tracks from the classic EP, ferocious underground Punkrock placed in between more tracks from the 1983 tape. It works fairly well with this splitting of the original single tracks and shows how a full length album released back in the day might have sounded. Tollwut have a good feeling for great anthems that stick to your mind and deliver a brilliant rabid experienced performance. Could have become a hard hitter on the scene back then! Fans of early German music should definitely give this a go! - Solid record.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

SONS OF ISHMAEL - Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice 1987

Today will be a gray rainy day, ideal for activities at home, let's see how much lust & time I have for postin'. Let's start with a "pick-me-up": Sons Of Ishmael were Punx from Toronto and active 1985-1992 and their first vinyl appearance was the thirteen track EP Hayseed Hardcore on Death Enema Records. After some line-up changes, in May 1987 were fourteen fast trashy songs recorded by Tim (vocals), Glenn & Paul (guitars), Mike (bass), Chris (drums) and released by Over The Top Records (in Europe via Manic Ears Records). Two more albums and a 7Inch plus further line-up changes followed until the steam was out at some point, found on numerous compilations as well. Good stuff!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, October 27, 2014

V/A - Die Neue Tanzmusik Ist Da Da Da 1982

The first NDW sampler now and as you probably recognize, here are a few punk bands represented which have more less to do with traditional NDW music style. This record was created in collaboration with the German Cancer Society and a certain amount per purchase this plate went to those. A great thing! And I think that we have here a collection that shows how individual the early german music scene was and this demonstrated a knack for putting together different music styles on one album. I love such diversions (a little boring are the tracks from the Doraus & Palais Schaumburg but who give's a shit). Now it's up to you, brain or pleasure!

1.Da Da Da Ich Lieb Dich Nicht Du Liebst Mich Nicht - TRIO
2.Roter Rolls Royce - IDEAL
3.Heut' Nacht - SPLIFF
4.Ich Habe Mir Sooft Gewünscht - INA DETER
5.Stille Tage In Ostberlin - KFC
6.Exakt Neutral - DEO
7.Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt - PALAIS SCHAUMBURG
8.Lokomotivführer - DIE DORAUS & DIE MARINAS
9.Polizisten - EXTRABREIT
10.Radio - NICHTS
11.Beim Erstenmal Tut's Immer Weh - ABWÄRTS
12.Taxi - JAWOLL
14.Messertraum - KATIA
16.Sabine Sabine Sabine - TRIO

Saturday, September 27, 2014

V/A - Sveriges Största Singel 1980

Sveriges Största Singel (Sweden's Biggest Singles) is a compilation that was sold to a single price and was released in 1980 by Mistlur Records and is the first of three. Contains assorted artists, mostly punk. Very varied and ideal for shallow evenings or annoying housework.

1.Tyst För Fan - EBBA GRÖN
2.Vad Ere För Fel På Mej - NERV
4.När Vi Ändå Är Här - KRIGET
6.Hon Älskar Honom - TRAVOLTA KIDS
7.Den Ljuva Ungdomen - SKABB
8.7'38'' - MÖRBYLIGAN
9.Ge Mig Din Heta Längtan - HELA BALETTEN
10.Train Blues - BLUE FIRE
11.Husfaderns Bekymmer - DAGENS UNGDOM
13.Bön Till En Arbetare - CANTALUCHA
14.Barkbåts Färden - BILDCIRKUS
15.Lätta Liljeklockor - LENA EKMAN

Thursday, July 24, 2014

WANDA'S - The Ideal 1982

Another gem from my Wanted-List and I'm really glad that I can finally listen to this record I've been looking for a fuckin' long time. Wanda's are a dutch female punk/rock band which were formed in the eighties. Where?? No idea. This band is one of those bands which you can't get any info around and I find this a real shame because this album is an awesome crown jewel.
Released on TAS records with 9 songs and they have all what I expect from a decent punk plate. First, female vocals (not a must but I love it), short songs with rough garage guitars, easy played, a little reggae, a little wavie and remarkable singing in dutch, english and german. What should I write more??? I guess, I'm repeating myself here many times but what should I do with so much great stuff which exist and wants to be discovered? You tell me. Fact is, here’s your chance to get their brilliant debut record and if you're like what you hear please leave a comment. The Wanda's released in 1986 a second album called 'A State Of No Mercy' but this has lost the snotty charm and is pure rock, not for me. One live tune can be found on the rare live compilation Parkhof 11-4-81 on V.G. records. Again, I ask you: if anyone has good scans please get in touch. And now, enjoy this delicacy and open a beer, 100% Punkrock!

- Meinen fetten Dank an Donut -

Sunday, March 11, 2018

BILLY & THE WILLIES - Cheese 1989

And on with a great band that is second to none and I'm sure many German followers agree with me. 1983 in Mönchengladbach were founded Billy & The Willies by Ricki & Mick A on guitars, Mario (drums) and bassist/songwriter and vocalist Sonic. The Willies (the name was the product of a pub night) whose musical role models included the Butthole Surfers enriched their punk sound with every imaginable rock style. The lyrics are very special, emotional, partly funny and each a little world. Since their records were also sold in the U.S. and a musician from Surfers took notice and offered them a collaboration. The band declined because they don't want face the stress of the suspend commercial success. In the early 90s, a dark shadow fell on the Willies when guitarist Ricki was killed. The band could, and did not want to continue playing under their old name because without him there were no more Willies. However, they decided to stay together and founded The Devil In Miss Jones (taken from an American porn movie) in 1991, now with Sonic on guitar and newcomer A on bass. Cheese is the third and last album, released via BeriBeri Records and is full with first-class songs, "Kangaroo", "Here Today Gone Tomorrow", "Ideal$", "Inbetween", "Weird Kind Of Place", "Good Man..." and the very nice emotional "Good Night" to name just a few, count among to the Best I have ever heard from German land. This is the CD release with seven bonus cuts, including the rare Charles EP plus three unpublished pieces. Now enjoy the sound from a good band in a bad world!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

JAWOLL - s/t LP 1982

Sexy slab by Jawoll from Kassel and it's their only full length on Mercury. Founded 1981 by Kornelia (vocals), Robert (guitars), Jochen (bass), Matthias (drums), Richard (keys/vocals) and their first 7Inch Taxi from 1982 was (and remains) their most successful hit and suddenly made Jawoll known about Kassel's borders after a television appearance on the music program Bananas. Unfortunately, little attention was paid to the band and I think the reasen is they had a lot more to say with their lyrics, more offensive, more direct and had nothing to do with the plastic ideal world which most of the other NDW bands deal and therefore became boring. You won't find any in this theater and I wouldn't count them among. On the contrary, thirteen sympathetic and interesting songs with a solid, tingling punk spirit/feeling are gathered here, all excellent performed. To that; Kornelia's refreshingly authentically and unmistakable charming voice. Rendezvous was their third 7inch from 1983, which I like even better because the lyrics somehow has something longing about it. - Underrated album! -

Sunday, February 09, 2020

DER EISERNE VORHANG - Franzi 7'' 1982

Here's a little 7inch from Austria with two "nervous" wave goodies. Released as a appetizer from their only album which came out on Ariola. Der Eiserne Vorhang was such an art "All Star Group" around the O. Tannenbaum operator (clothing shop in Vienna's Jewish quarter) Ronald Fleischmann (he was such an art Malcolm McLaren of Vienna and co-founder of 'Panza Platte'). The a-side has with Franzi a nice cover-version of XTC’s 'Making Plans For Nigel' and is a superb one. The b-side is the title track of their album and has good critical lyrics, sung in the melancholy Austrian dialect how I like it. Real cheerful natures this people. Musically, the song's a monotonic electric driving one, ideal for excessive four-person activity in bed with lots of in/out...ahhh...oooooh.. and so on... Let's stay factual again, check them out worth a listen in any case. - They're also members of Heimat Bist Du Großer Söhne compilation + the essential De Guade Oide Zeit 3LP compilation.

Monday, August 01, 2022

EINLEBEN - Soundtrack Zum Sommer 2002

August starts with a sad laugh and I thought I still had to rip the vinyl, but I did that job five years ago, that saves me a lot of work because I'm afraid my PC cracks soon. - Einleben from Wasserberg are among the bands that I always enjoy listening to and whose concerts I have always enjoyed attending whenever possible. This is their third & final album on Plastic Bomb Records. First, the artwork is very aesthetic with somber images in shades of blue, country roads, railway lines and a dilapidated cottage in the mountains, in front of which one sees oneself sighing and lamenting one's fate. For the ears then ten melodic and emotional Gems in mid-tempo range, some of which go well forward. The whole thing is very heavy on guitars and lyrics. The songs are, as usual, saturated with a deep melancholy, sometimes with despair, whereby the guys keep letting hope particles flow in, so as not to let the listener stand too much in the vale of tears. Inspiring and certainly an ideal stimulant to balance disharmony. A short visit to Bunt and Rauchzart, their two predecessor albums, is also worthwhile. Now I leave you alone with beautiful, driving and sensitive music. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

SPORTEN ÄR DÖD - s/t LP 2019

Good morning dear folks, today we start for breakfast with fresh girl power and I promise you, your bread will taste particularly good. Sporten Är Död (translated as Sport Is Dead) were an all female Swedish new wave/punk band between 1980 and 1982 formed in Kungälv. The group consisted of Ulla Åkerström (vocals & guitar), Åsa "Paste" Wassberg (bass) and Eva Herngren (drums). The band were named after the words of a Swedish broadcaster, who would proclaim the sport is dead, when there was a cancellation of a sporting event. This record was released via Fördämning Arkiv, 300 copies and side A was recorded at Studio Nigaf on 11th April 1981 and released as the Sporten Är Död cassette, side B was recorded live @ Sprängkullen on 23rd May 1982. An excellent review which I can only underline: "This looks exactly as it sounds: three cool teenage punk girls making tremulous punk rock with songs dedicated to John Peel, Bruce from the JAM, and their favorite chocolate bar! This isn’t wild screaming KBD mania, they have a nervous restrained quality, which is not to say this sounds inept, just that it isn’t the manic punk insanity you might expect from a teenage Swedish band circa 1981. They called their band Sport Is Dead, and formed as a result of being fans of the Buzzcocks and the Undertones, and you can hear the nervous pop sensibility! I’ve seen comparisons to Dolly Mixture and Lilliput, but I would say that is not the case here, they are not as polished as the former and not as wild as the latter. They have their own contained punk concept and identity that doesn’t sound like a collage of other ideas. This is a reissue of their demo tape with a live performance on the B-side. It sounds great and is definitely worth picking up for all fans of that underground girl sound, the sound of youth inspired by the DIY ideal…" (LAYLA GIBBON, MMR) - Seventeen minimalistic smasher with a great booklet, solid release!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -


Saturday, January 23, 2021

V/A - When Men Were Men... And Sheep Were Scared 1985

 Saturday morning, two coffees intus and after a good night's sleep we come to the following musical highlight. It invite you eight bands, mostly hailing from the Long Beach area and each with two exclusive tracks, to share their emotions on this decent compilation from Bemisbrain Records with a outrageously funny cover and like a fresh beer after getting up, their fresh mid-tempo sound hisses into your veins and provides positive vibrations, ideal for an exciting day without stress. A short useless note: some copies had two stickers on the shrink that were actually placed over the center of Mad Marc Rude's cover art to preserve John Wayne's dignity.... If anyone is interested in the record, I have an auction on ebay. But now have fun with it at breakfast, Cheers!

1.Hurry Up And Waite - RHINO 39
2.Sleep Walking - RHINO 39
3.The Dachau Cabana - THE VANDALS
4.Frog Stomp - THE VANDALS
5.Look Behind - RED BERET
6.Roller Coaster Ride - RED BERET
7.Audubon Baby - THE CREWD
8.Lady Of The Night - THE CREWD
9.Defeat The Purpose - FALLING IDOLS
11.Bomb Chic - SECRET HATE
12.Death In The Desert - SECRET HATE
16.Target Of Demand - TARGET OF DEMAND