Saturday, 4 December 2021

IDEAL - s/t LP 1980

Even if Annette says these are not punk pieces, in my opinion this is a gross understatement. Because what the band delivered with their debut is extremely powerful and impressively plays some punk albums of the early Eighties on the wall. Remarkable F.J.'s guitar playing which is recorded as unprecedentedly scruffy as I love it, plus great lyrics, hectic rhythms and astonishing variability. This album is an absolutely timeless gem and a real masterpiece. Annette (vocals/keys), F.J. Krüger (guitars), Ernst (bass), Hansi (drums): four musicians from Berlin came together in spring of 1980, when hardly anyone was talking about a "New German Wave". When they parted in April 1983, this wave had already ebbed and splashed along in dreary Schlager monotony. Ideal's musical life was comparatively quick and short. But it was honest. Or with Hansi's favorite saying: "Only the pure material is tolerated." Also against each other. Each of the four could have said it like Annette in one of her texts: "Alone In My Skin." But, what Ideal was, no one could have done alone. Released via Innovative Communication and only real at 45 RPM. Enjoy!


  1. thx for this awesome record!

  2. Ich habe die LP 1982 gekauft, ich war damals 17) Das war mein Einstieg in die sogenannte 'NDW' Leider habe ich nur noch die CD Version( In einem Anfall von Wahnsinn habe ich all mein Vinyl verkauft... Dein Blog ist für mich ein Muss und der Beste! Ich mag einfach deine Vielfalt, von Hardcore Punk bis Dire Straits)))) Mach weiter so!!!

    1. Danke, nur Punk/Hardcore ist mir zu langweilig. Radiohead, Placebo, DCD, Marillion, etc.... sind ebenso essentiel. Vinyl bleibt schöner und ist klangmäßig weitaus interessanter.

  3. Thanx for the curiosity and for the blog!