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Friday, March 04, 2022

EXTRABREIT - Welch Ein Land! - Was Für Männer: 1981

Well-known and also popular overseas are Hagen's Extrabreit and they returned 1981 to the studio to record their sophomore effort. At that time the band consisted of Kai (vocals), Stefan & Ulrich (guitars), Wolfgang (bass), Rolf (drums)In the early 1980s, 3D technology was slowly gaining momentum, resulting in films, posters and even some TV commercials. To experience the effect, paper glasses with red and green plastic lenses were distributed everywhere. An interesting gag for the time. Extrabreit had the idea of using the new technology for Welch Ein Land!... and designed a stereoscopic three-dimensional photo for the cover and as far as I know it's the only one of its kind, and the first edition came with anaglyph glasses and this is innovation I miss these days. Well, a nice review: "WEL-WFM is a more angry, politically quarrelsome album and to everyone's big surprise, first single "Polizisten" immediately turned into the band's first hit, only gaining strength when the Bavarian government banned the song for openly insulting the country's police force. Around the same time, German music journalists had discerned a new trend and dubbed it NDW. Bands like Ideal, Trio, and Spliff demonstrated a new national self-esteem, and Extrabreit, with their raucous, untamed attitude, fit right in. Over a year after its release, Extrabreit's debut album followed its successor into the charts and the single "Hurra, Hurra, die Schule Brennt" quickly climbed into the Top Ten. By 1982 both of the band's albums had established themselves in Germany's Top Five album chart and against all odds Extrabreit had turned into Germany's most successful band of the year." - Enough bla bla, listen and enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

EXTRABREIT - Rückkehr Der Phantastischen 5! 1982

Extrabreit is a German band which was formed in Hagen, Germany in 1978. The band was one of the most successful exponents of the 'Neue Deutsche Welle' movement in the 1980s. This is their third Album and the last good one before they become a boring "Rock-Band" like Scorpions or whatever, haha... Actually they were a punk-infected garage rock band from theenvironment of the left scene of Hagen and the first albums proves this in my opinion. This album was released in five differentcolors and had nine tracks. There exist a tape version with an extra track and maybe now the rarest Extrabreit song ever. All in all a successful final album of the early NDW/Punk era.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

EXTRABREIT - Hart Wie Marmelade 7'' 1980

A little nostalgia with old German rockin' stuff tonight with this 7inch from ExtrabreitThe flip is a none album track and what should I say, it's long tome ago that Hart Wie Marmelade was played everywhere in the club in these times and I am always amazed in which countries the old NDW records land up and be heard. It was a nice time with interesting music, that can't be denied or? I know you like the stuff because the download link of their third album is still active. Two decent numbers, very well played, good lyrics, even today still okay.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, October 27, 2014

V/A - Die Neue Tanzmusik Ist Da Da Da 1982

The first NDW sampler now and as you probably recognize, here are a few punk bands represented which have more less to do with traditional NDW music style. This record was created in collaboration with the German Cancer Society and a certain amount per purchase this plate went to those. A great thing! And I think that we have here a collection that shows how individual the early german music scene was and this demonstrated a knack for putting together different music styles on one album. I love such diversions (a little boring are the tracks from the Doraus & Palais Schaumburg but who give's a shit). Now it's up to you, brain or pleasure!

1.Da Da Da Ich Lieb Dich Nicht Du Liebst Mich Nicht - TRIO
2.Roter Rolls Royce - IDEAL
3.Heut' Nacht - SPLIFF
4.Ich Habe Mir Sooft Gewünscht - INA DETER
5.Stille Tage In Ostberlin - KFC
6.Exakt Neutral - DEO
7.Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt - PALAIS SCHAUMBURG
8.Lokomotivführer - DIE DORAUS & DIE MARINAS
9.Polizisten - EXTRABREIT
10.Radio - NICHTS
11.Beim Erstenmal Tut's Immer Weh - ABWÄRTS
12.Taxi - JAWOLL
14.Messertraum - KATIA
16.Sabine Sabine Sabine - TRIO

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

BLÜMCHEN BLAU - Wie Die Tiere 1982

Blümchen Blau was an Austrian "NDW" band from Vienna which was active in the early 80s. Until today, their biggest success "Flieger". Blümchen Blau were the most famous Austrian New Wave Band and their music was pretty much on the temporal and stylistic boundary between the early and the Underground commercial exploitation of the NDW which was thrown on the market. Musically it's pretty catchy rock/pop with some wave ska influences. The band is not nearly as happy over how the band name or the very colorful LP cover promise. Their single "Flieger" has nothing to do with Extrabreit's hit, but also based on the Hans Albers classic and was a respectable hit in Austria that time. In Germany, the song was not succesful, which is probably the oversaturation of the market 1982 in Germany was, as in the musical quality. Songs like "Eisenbahn" offered precisely the oblique madness that the commercial NDW stripped quickly and become a "cheeky" had hit infusion. The subsequent singles were no longer released in Germany. In addition to "Flieger" is "Weihnachtsmann", the most famous single of Blümchen Blau, which was already covered by the Hamburg band Charles Lindbergh n.e.V. in 1983 on their early tapes and live performances. Interesting and a nice gag is that on the LP cover the German texts were translated into Yugoslav, but of course was much meaningless. Most songs have a great groove, the singer is charismatic and the lyrics are simple sneaky. Under professional conditions and completely free of added time pressure in Vienna Gorilla studios recorded, is this album one of the most charismatic and still incomparable NDW record of all time. A short time later, the band broke up.

- Huge Thx to Reinhard -

Thursday, June 04, 2015

CADILLAC - Cold Love 7'' 1979

This record is so damn rare and a real burner, two classic songs and Mr.Reinhard himself tells a little about the band: "I'd would describe their sound as "proto-punk" and the band were originally founded in Vienna, long before Punk became a brand for a new generation, in 1974. Members were Robert 'Bobby' Sommer (vox), Hans Vorreither (guitar), Peter Patzl (guitar), Gerhart 'Hardi' Walenta (drums) and Max Kempter (bass). The songs of the single were recorded in a studio in Vienna in 1976 or 77 and shortly after this the band split. Eventually Sommer and Walenta joined Mordbuben AG, but in 1978 Sommer relocated to Berlin with a few fellow-Austrians to join the than newly established SO36, a popular location which had in the early days a lot of well-known punk bands seen. Cadillac never played live and it took three years til Oswald Wiener, owner of Berlin's - then - EXIL in-club, deceided to release the single on his Dildo imprint in an edition of 200 copies. Bobby Sommer joined Tempo (Berlin's first punk band with a record out!!!) on sax and quickly metamorphosed into one of the most successful managers of the NDW with bands Extrabreit and Ideal and others. 'Cold Love' can also be heard on the great Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft Vol.2 compilation!" I'm pleasantly surprised because such great stuff from Austria is rather rare. What should I add??? Pull up the record and find out for yourself.

- Big Thanx to Reinhard -

Monday, May 11, 2020

BETAMAX - Modern 7'' 1980

Sole release of Betamax from Hagen with two New Wave tunes on Tonträger 58 Hagen, the first record by this label. I can be wrong, but I think on the Micro is a man named Kai Havaii, who is/was the front man of Extrabreit that time, at least the flip comes from his pen. Otherwise I can't tell much about the four, a few compilation contributions and that's it. Musically comes mild monotonous noizes out from your boxes, whereby the A-side has more drive and is the winner for me. Fazit: A nice slab, not for everyone; but for everyone who wants to take it easy after a long, shitty work day and without visiting the dentist.