Wednesday, 12 October 2016

EXTRABREIT - Hart Wie Marmelade 7'' 1980

A little nostalgia with old German rockin' stuff tonight with this 7inch from Extrabreit. The flip is a none album track and what should I say, it's long tome ago that Hart Wie Marmelade was played everywhere in the club in these times and I am always amazed in which countries the old NDW records land up and be heard. It was a nice time with interesting music, that can't be denied or? I know you like the stuff because the download link of their third album is still active. Two decent numbers, very well played, good lyrics, even today still okay.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Hi WDM!

    "Hart wie Marmelade" is not a non-album track, it's the last track in A-side from the first LP "Ihre größten Erfolg" (1980). As for "Wann hört...", is that the B-side? The phrase appears in the back cover of the album as a motto or something like that, but no song of the album has that title.

    I borrowed the LP many years ago from a friend who told me that the copy of the album arrived to Spain circa 1980 via Esteban/Stephan Martin Hirschfeld, the keyboardist from Los Rápidos, a Barcelona punkish-NW band (who became very famous afterwards with other names as Los Burros and El Último de la Fila). I was told that Hirschfeld had played for some time with Extrabreit but never confirmed that story.
    Thanks for the single and I think I'll give an ear to that third album too!


    Fernando :)

    1. Yeah, you're right with Marmelade (what did I read there yesterday?), but the b-side is I think only here available, anyway... Important the record pleases.