Saturday, November 25, 2017

TRIO - Anna 7'' 1982

Next stop in our Soundbox is a band which come direct from heaven and I remember those three buddies very well and when I first listen to this song I thought to myself: Was ein Brett! Trio was formed in a small German town called Großenkneten/Ostfriesland 1980 and they are most noted for the song "Da da da..." which was a hit in thirty countries worldwide. But Trio was more than this. Their simple songs are more punk and (would they released their records on a small label, these would big rarities nowadays) their partially humorous lyrics the media labeled them as NDW and sure they made music that time but I mean they a far far away from all those numerous stupid records and I think that's the problem with the shitty majors. Anyway, two great songs with a rare live one on the B-side. New rip/scans in usual WDM quality. So far so good, rainy today and I have a ticket for the soccer game versus Leverkusen...


  1. Do you by any chance also have this version of Trio – Da Da Da (with Frau A Spricht Ich Lieb Dich Nicht Du Liebst Mich Nicht)

    1. Here it is: Trio - Da da da ... with "Frau Spricht" on the B-side →

  2. it's also included on Die NDW Single Box