Tuesday, 22 December 2015

BLÜMCHEN BLAU - Wie Die Tiere 1982

Blümchen Blau was an Austrian "NDW" band from Vienna which was active in the early 80s. Until today, their biggest success "Flieger". Blümchen Blau were the most famous Austrian New Wave Band and their music was pretty much on the temporal and stylistic boundary between the early and the Underground commercial exploitation of the NDW which was thrown on the market. Musically it's pretty catchy rock/pop with some wave ska influences. The band is not nearly as happy over how the band name or the very colorful LP cover promise. Their single "Flieger" has nothing to do with Extrabreit's hit, but also based on the Hans Albers classic and was a respectable hit in Austria that time. In Germany, the song was not succesful, which is probably the oversaturation of the market 1982 in Germany was, as in the musical quality. Songs like "Eisenbahn" offered precisely the oblique madness that the commercial NDW stripped quickly and become a "cheeky" had hit infusion. The subsequent singles were no longer released in Germany. In addition to "Flieger" is "Weihnachtsmann", the most famous single of Blümchen Blau, which was already covered by the Hamburg band Charles Lindbergh n.e.V. in 1983 on their early tapes and live performances. Interesting and a nice gag is that on the LP cover the German texts were translated into Yugoslav, but of course was much meaningless. Most songs have a great groove, the singer is charismatic and the lyrics are simple sneaky. Under professional conditions and completely free of added time pressure in Vienna Gorilla studios recorded, is this album one of the most charismatic and still incomparable NDW record of all time. A short time later, the band broke up.

- Huge Thanx to Reinhard -

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