Tuesday, 22 December 2015

STRESS - O Ixos Tis Anasfalias 1985

Stress might very well have been the one & only greek band with a high-paced punk '77/KBD sound, in a scene full of post-punk (& later on hardcore) bands. As far as their (sociopolitical in nature) lyrics go, they seem to encapsulate all the events & agonies of their generation. The band released two albums and both records have been highly sought-after collector's items for years on end. The band started playing shows at around '81-'82. The first singer later formed Panx Romana. Their first appearance on vinyl comes in 1984, on Enigma's now legendary collection DIATARAXI KOINIS ISIXIAS with two songs. Check an Interview from 1985. The sound here is much more primal and agressive than the two songs in the aforementioned collection ("Aghos" reappears here in a punk version). It is obvious that most of this material was written around 1981-1982, when the band was still under a heavier "mood", musically & politically. Great Stuff for hardcore maniacs, you will not dissapointed!!!!

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  1. CHEERS.....way better than I thought it would be!