Wednesday, 23 December 2015

V/A - Bloodstains Across The UK 4 1999

This morning I listen to a lot of old UK punk bands and I can't get enough from all these classics. So here's a great compilation of tracks taken from rare punk records and I'm sure you need no further details. The Bloodstains records are always limited to 500 copies and since 1992 at the start. The CD releases have mostly bonus tracks on it but who wants CD's? I prefer vinyl even if it needs more space, anyway. Here are eighteen essential punk rock blasts and the song selection is quite good, no failure, check other volumes on wdthtc - a must have! A small note at the end: song #2 is not 'Disco Veteran', it's 'I've Seen It, Vomit', if interested. 

1.Time Wall - FIRE EXIT
2.I've Seen It, Vomit - BOG UGLY
3.Look-Out - THE FAKES
4.Fallen Hero - NO SUPPORT
5.Sick At Heart - THE BUZZ
6.All After My Blood - X-FILMS
7.Urban Damnation - THE PANIK
8.Pocket Money - NOISE TOYS
9.The Real People - THE EXILE
10.Things Go Wrong - THE REDUCERS
11.Circa 2 - THE LIMPS
12.Why? - THE SEIZE
13.Gutter Kids - THE DYAKS
14.Attack - ARMED FORCE
15.Nine All Out - LOW NUMBERS
16.I Want To Be Somebody - THE SYNDICATE
17.The Man In The Street - DEBUTANTES
18.Paranoia - THE FREEZE

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