Wednesday, 23 December 2015

V/A - 10 Meter Ohne Kopf 1991

An absolute must have is the international live compilation in the Störtebeker, a location of the occupied houses in Hamburg Hafenstraße which where recorded between the years 1987-1991, released via Fishcore & Buback Tonträger. An interesting mix of top-class, predominantly European bands that have been there, each chosen by one song. The sound quality is excellent and the composition is quite brilliant. Hardcore, punk and a little metal (Erosion) have popped up to your deaf ears and the presentation in gatefold sleeve, with a forty-four page booklet about the squats at the Hafenstraße inside is also nice (not scanned, I'm too lazy). Cult stuff and I can promise you that this is worth the download. Brilliant live shit!!!

2.Present History - VERNON WALTERS 
3.Ignore The Facts - L.U.L.L. 
4.Questi Anni - KINA 
5.Mediocrity - ANGRY RED PLANET 
6.Klarhet - STENGTE DØRER 
7.Gun Man - EROSION
8.Häuser - EA80 
9.Not Listening - SNUFF 
10.Get Off The Phone - CITIZEN FISH 
11.Running - VERBAL ASSAULT 
12.Get On The Stage - SPERMBIRDS 
13.Weekend Massacra - UPSET NOISE

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