Thursday, 24 December 2015

REST OF THE BOYS - Days Weeks And Years 1988

It was in November 2012 when I met the album by this extraordinary band from Lübeck on Donots hcbd blog. I think in summer I posted their first EP Die Wende which has already taken me with their 60s surfsound at first listen and so I was very pleased with his post. And as luck would have it so someone offered the album via ebay and I received it for little loot. Released on their own label offers this record ten melodic awesome goodies, a little harder than the 7Inch but the way of playing, the harmonies are terrific. A real highlight of punk from the eighties where also a lot of shit appeared, but this record stands out in every way. To say it with Donots words: Deutsche Wertarbeit! A record I never wouldn't sell. Get it quick, Honey! And now back to bed.



  1. Ha!, that's too kind of you, WDM. I was wondering if you have one of their old demos that you could share?

    Happy Xmas nonetheless.


  2. thx DD, for you too....
    nothing like that, would be also interested.