Thursday, 24 December 2015

V/A - The Conquest Of The Daytime [Special] 2015

It's that time again, I present today another valued and lovingly by myself tinkered music pleasure with treasures from the good ole days which get dusty in digital form on my hard drive, and those goodies which were sent by my hearty friends (Thanx as always at this point for it)I already got inquiries whether the CD would be available for purchase, really I'm not joking. Well, what should I say? Already the year is almost over and 2015 was a modest dirty minx. I wanted to change soo much but I stand still just like two year ago... Who has the answers? Fuck it! need just one more... let's see what this evening still brings, will certainly beautiful - Enjoy the music and Cheers!

1.Irgendwann (Live) - EA80
2.Small Town Boy - FRENCHMEN
4.Hemingway Hated Disco Music - THE GOVERNMENT
6.She's A Teaser - THE SPIDERZ
7.Nobody Loves Me - LETTERS
8.Frustrated - VEEL
9.Erdbeertee - FRAME
10.New Malden - MÉTAL BOYS
11.How Can I Tell You? - THE KELPIES
12.You're On Your Own - STRANGEWAYS
13.I Don't Like The Rastaman - THE RONDOS
14.Gammelfleisch - VÖLKERBALL
15.Now We're Through - RICHARD & THE TAXMEN
16.Language School - TOURS
17.Human Factor - MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
18.Li'l Boys Play With Dolls (Live) - LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH
19.The Russians Are Coming! - A.D. 1984
20.Big Fat Lip - STEAKKNIFE
21.Bajkonur - MOTO
22.Fulltime Suicide - DIE HEXEN
23.Dark Glasses - THE MIRRORS
24.Un Coup J'te Vois, Un Coup J'te Vois Pas - PLASTICHKE
25.Dei Hunderl - DIE MODELS
26.Miks Ei Kukaan Ymmarra? - PERTTI KURIKAN NIMIPÄIVÄT
27.You're Gonna Miss Me Baby - VOPO'S


  1. I just wanted to thank you for all the great music you provide here and the time you spend to post it and the stories that go with it. Please check out my punk station I think you might like it, about 80,000 song from the 70's to now.

    1. thx mate! listen now to your radio, very cool!