Friday, 25 December 2015

INSTIGATORS - Nobody Listens Anymore 1985

Today there is not much to tell coz I'm knocked from yesterday. Much gin and beer, plus delicious wild roast with dumplings and red cabbage and then a round of Risiko, Walking Dead Edition and this awesome record turned their rounds, the debut album, released on Bluurg Records, by the fantastic Instigators, great harmonious melodic Punkrock from Huddersfield, England. Short onfo: the band was formed in 1980 by drummer Paul "Hammy" Halmshaw and guitarist Simon Mooney, both students at Thornhill High School, and the line-up was completed by Simon "Semi" Bridgewater (vocals) and Nicky Djorjevic (bass Guitar). They took the name Instigators on the suggestion of Ritchie Calvert of the band Disintegrated. The band's first live performance was in summer 1982. Influences on the band included Crass and Flux of Pink Indians. - You can read a review from Pushead on cool kfth site but I think this is superfluous, their music is with distance one of the best from the British Island.... magic!

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