Friday, 25 December 2015


In 1983, the band Billy & The Willies were founded and the members were Ricki & Mika (guitars), Mario (drums) and bassist, songwriter and singer Sonic. The Willies (the name was the product of a Pub evening) their musical heroes are the Butthole Surfers, enriched their Punk rock sound with every imaginable style. The lyrics were mostly all one little world in itself. They released three wonderful albums before in the beginning of the 90s, a dark shadow came on the band because guitarist Ricky died. The band could not and would no longer continue playing under the old band name, because its no longer the Willies as they were announced. They decided to go ahead and in 1991 they founded The Devil In Miss Jones, Sonic was now playing guitar, Andreas now plays the bass. Soon they released two EPs and a 10'' and in 1993 all three releases were pressed on CD via BeriBeri and received much praise. The Devil In Miss Jones is punkrock out of the garage and change the myths of the history of rock and punk excellent with their wild playin'. Live they are ecstatic & unforgettable! Where other greeting Satan degenerate as a pose, they live in the merciless world of illusion between heaven and hell, the proximity of noise and pop to the struggle between good and evil to others. "'s time to see the real devil", the rest must happen within you.

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