Friday, March 04, 2022

EXTRABREIT - Welch Ein Land! - Was Für Männer: 1981

Well-known and also popular overseas are Hagen's Extrabreit and they returned 1981 to the studio to record their sophomore effort. At that time the band consisted of Kai (vocals), Stefan & Ulrich (guitars), Wolfgang (bass), Rolf (drums)In the early 1980s, 3D technology was slowly gaining momentum, resulting in films, posters and even some TV commercials. To experience the effect, paper glasses with red and green plastic lenses were distributed everywhere. An interesting gag for the time. Extrabreit had the idea of using the new technology for Welch Ein Land!... and designed a stereoscopic three-dimensional photo for the cover and as far as I know it's the only one of its kind, and the first edition came with anaglyph glasses and this is innovation I miss these days. Well, a nice review: "WEL-WFM is a more angry, politically quarrelsome album and to everyone's big surprise, first single "Polizisten" immediately turned into the band's first hit, only gaining strength when the Bavarian government banned the song for openly insulting the country's police force. Around the same time, German music journalists had discerned a new trend and dubbed it NDW. Bands like Ideal, Trio, and Spliff demonstrated a new national self-esteem, and Extrabreit, with their raucous, untamed attitude, fit right in. Over a year after its release, Extrabreit's debut album followed its successor into the charts and the single "Hurra, Hurra, die Schule Brennt" quickly climbed into the Top Ten. By 1982 both of the band's albums had established themselves in Germany's Top Five album chart and against all odds Extrabreit had turned into Germany's most successful band of the year." - Enough bla bla, listen and enjoy the weekend!

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