Monday, February 06, 2023

V/A - BIPPP: French Synth-Wave 1979-1985 [2006]

Born Bad Records released this charming Compilation with thirteen rare pieces with a 16 pages booklet, including bands stories & photos (unfortunately only in French) and we enjoy a healthy mix of Cold/New Wave goodies from the early days. Info: "Increasingly detached from the original Punk formula, the modern and arty youth of the early eighties set itself to jettison an artform that had lost much of the nihilistic and exhilarating energy of its halcyon days, stuck, as it was, in an endless and noisy regression. 'No Future' was the motto of an artform without a cause that no longer echoed with the mindset of the time. Disheartened but eager to experiment and create, a New Wave of French musician followed the beacon of Jacno’s seminal 79 hit “Rectangle”, a visionary, digital coup de grâce ,courtesy of a former punk which dealt the Rickenbacker and Fender era a fatal blow. The cold and robot-like bips of analogic keyboards took over. Casio, Korg MS 10, Arp Omni were the new paraphernalia of the növö generation. The ideal conveyers of its retro-futurist elegance and self-professed cold arrogance. They were pinnacles and symbols which turned as potent a fetiche as the electric guitar in the fifties or the laptop in the nineties." Not as punkie as Vertigo, but absolutely brilliant!

1.Contagion - A TROIS DANS LES WC
2.Ping Pong - ACT
3.Je T'écris D'Un Pays - LES VISITEURS DU SOIR
4.Terroriste - VOX DEI
5.Touche Pas Mon Sexe - COMIX
6.Partie 1 - TGV
7.20h25 - C.K.C
8.Pretty Day - MARIE MÖÖR
9.Game And Performance - DEUX
10.Polaroïd-Roman-Photo - RUTH
11.Aller Simple - VITOR HUBLOT
12.Le Jour Se Lève - VISIBLE
13.Viol AF 015 - CASINO MUSIC


  1. Thank you for BIPPP! Some oddities there, which remained stuck in my mind since I've heard them for the first time, such as Comix's song.

  2. cool cover artwork