Tuesday, February 07, 2023

NASTY MEDIA - Spiked Copy EP 1978

Obscure combo from Leeds which release one 7Inch via Lightning Records and they were active from 1977-1979 and it's not surprising that their single has disappered into insignificance because all four songs have the same monotonous rhythm, stomp through without much fuss and sound the same, unspectacular fits perfect here. But it's okay and one song even made it onto the Killed By Death #007 Compilation. About line-up or anything else I have no further infos, but one thing is sure, in a few hours and after more than three years of abstinence, I'm back in the stadium and enjoying the DFB Cup match between the SGE versus Darmstadt, that's going to be hot.... you can also watch it live on TV.


  1. included Paul Vallely, later a journalist whose reports from Ethiopia influenced Bob Geldof and Andy McDonald, currently a Labour MP in Middlesbrough. that's all I know. punkmusiccatalogue.wordpress.com