Saturday, April 01, 2023

NEONBABIES - Harmlos 1982

I hope it's finally getting warmer in this country, but until then the appropriate music has to help out, and wavie sounds are coming today by the Neonbabies from Berlin with their second album. The band has absolutely nothing to do with the Neue Deutsche Welle and their original & timeless songs belong to the best in the German underground scene, unfortunately they didn't get the attention they deserved, probably because the older ones the Humpe sisters got a lot more resonance with Ideal after she left. A newspaper at the time wrote: "Harmlos has humour, wit and irony but the catch was that the Neonbabies have just that spark of wit that the masses don't understand." That hits the core 100% in my opinion. Well, I like the album with its ten songs, which are characterized by Inga's beautiful voice and were brilliantly set to music by the talented musicians.