Thursday, July 24, 2014

WANDA'S - The Ideal 1982

Another gem from my Wanted-List and I'm really glad that I can finally listen to this record I've been looking for a fuckin' long time. Wanda's are a dutch female punk/rock band which were formed in the eighties. Where?? No idea. This band is one of those bands which you can't get any info around and I find this a real shame because this album is an awesome crown jewel.
Released on TAS records with 9 songs and they have all what I expect from a decent punk plate. First, female vocals (not a must but I love it), short songs with rough garage guitars, easy played, a little reggae, a little wavie and remarkable singing in dutch, english and german. What should I write more??? I guess, I'm repeating myself here many times but what should I do with so much great stuff which exist and wants to be discovered? You tell me. Fact is, here’s your chance to get their brilliant debut record and if you're like what you hear please leave a comment. The Wanda's released in 1986 a second album called 'A State Of No Mercy' but this has lost the snotty charm and is pure rock, not for me. One live tune can be found on the rare live compilation Parkhof 11-4-81 on V.G. records. Again, I ask you: if anyone has good scans please get in touch. And now, enjoy this delicacy and open a beer, 100% Punkrock!

- Meinen fetten Dank an Donut -


  1. Great! (No more words to write)

    1. Wandas Josee singer
      Wandas all-female punks were formed in Alkmaar in 1978 , nice to see that our music gets
      this nice attention after nearly thirty years!!
      still going strong

    2. Hey You, nice to see you here and it's no wonder why this album kicks, one of the best records from the Netherlands, hope you enjoy this Blog!
      All the best :)

    3. Hi, in spring 1980 (so not 1978) Nimfomania was founded in Alkmaar. They changed the name to Wanda's in autumn 1980. See the 1980 issues of the Wanda's own fanzine Blad and of Strijdzweet from Zaandam. They are both at All the best to Josee, Arie, WDM and everyone

  2. hi! Re:up Please? just found this group