Friday, 3 November 2017

IDEAL - Monotonie 7'' 1982

Now one more rarity by my favorite Berlin band. Rarity you will ask? Yes, the B-side is what I mean. Ideal played one instrumental (Geheimnis Der Großstadt) in their career and that can be only found here. And it's worth for this song alone to buy the record, at least it was for me the incentive, now you see clearly. The A-side was a hit worldwide and it's no wonder why people searchin' for their records nowadays, pleasant stress-free music and all four albums are quite brilliant and they were very successful. So at this point I will not write much about them and if you click Bi Nuu you will find more infos/records and let's come closer to this sympathetic band. By the way, if you take a look at eBay for this single, you will realize that you can't get this record by cheap prizes, sometimes the offers are really crazy. The worls is full of assholes!, also Obacht! Time for soccer, tonight versus Bremen, Prost!

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