Sunday, 11 March 2018

BILLY & THE WILLIES - Cheese 1989

And on with a great band that is second to none and I'm sure many German followers agree with me. 1983 in Mönchengladbach were founded Billy & The Willies by Ricki & Mick A on guitars, Mario (drums) and bassist/songwriter and vocalist Sonic. The Willies (the name was the product of a pub night) whose musical role models included the Butthole Surfers enriched their punk sound with every imaginable rock style. The lyrics are very special, emotional, partly funny and each a little world. Since their records were also sold in the U.S. and a musician from Surfers took notice and offered them a collaboration. The band declined because they don't want face the stress of the suspend commercial success. In the early 90s, a dark shadow fell on the Willies when guitarist Ricki was killed. The band could, and did not want to continue playing under their old name because without him there were no more Willies. However, they decided to stay together and founded The Devil In Miss Jones (taken from an American porn movie) in 1991, now with Sonic on guitar and newcomer A on bass. Cheese is the third and last album, released via BeriBeri Records and is full with first-class songs, "Kangaroo", "Here Today Gone Tomorrow", "Ideal$", "Inbetween", "Weird Kind Of Place", "Good Man..." and the very nice emotional "Good Night" to name just a few, count among to the Best I have ever heard from German land. This is the CD release with seven bonus cuts, including the rare Charles EP plus three unpublished pieces. Now enjoy the sound from a good band in a bad world!

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