Sunday, 11 March 2018

NDT - Liebi, Liebi! 7'' 1984

Again in Switzerland and I think this is the last record which was released on Mad Records by NDT, Luzern-based band featuring ex-Crazy members and this rare single came after already releasing two classic records. Their debut album is a classic punk album with ten Schwizzer cheese tankards and I like dialect and this kind of noises from this country. In general, the scene there was very versatile: rock, wave, minimal-synth-punk-pop and obscure things came from the Alpine country and that makes it just interesting for me and at a gig in April 1983, Kursaal Bern they packed fifteen songs on their second album which is simply called 'Live' and the sound quality is of course quite brilliant and everytime I listen to I compare it with Pankehallen by Slime, fat-loud-clear-sound with so much energy (except the drums, sound better with the hamburgers). In Spring 1984 they recorded this 7inch and both songs are okay. On the B-side is 'Schwarzer Vogel' which already appeared on the live slab and here as studio version. In the same year came the end of NDT. And now: BVB-SGE, three points would be cool :))

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