Tuesday, 13 March 2018

TANT BRUN - Nej 7'' 1980 + Lördakväll 7'' 1981

Late evening post by a band from Sweden and while I write I listen to the new KBD #15 compilation (no joke) but this is now irrelevant. Tant Brun were young punx and formed in Jönköping by Janne (vox & guitars), Peter (drums) and Stefan (bass). In 1978 these guys started playing with a heavy Ebba Grön influence and with help of a manager they did about a hundred gigs over just a few years, mostly at discos and youth clubs. They released two singles on Sjöbo Påpp Records in the early 80s. The first "Nej" is pretty cool '77 punk style pig while the second "Lördakväll" goes more into a PowerPop splint. Both records are very rare and one more contribution from Fredrik's awesome Swedish Punkrock collection. In 1982 they changed their style and name to Sex Machine, influenced by Killing Joke. The much more punkier first single "Nej" was distributed by Eurovision Song Contest mogul Karlsson! but for the second effort he seem to have lost interest, that is remarkable or? They were also present on the Powerpearls #9 compilation and others. I put more info from Peter's book in the file and that's all for a lousy boring Tuesday.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Thanks to Fredrik for this Swedish nugget
    KBD 15 is a bit redundant .

  2. That's right, could have done better. Many tracks are already compiled on other comps and NZ has lots more treasures. But at least a sign of life from the KBD series and important.

    1. A Japanese volume will be welcome , don't you think ?

    2. Absolutely, Bloodstains Across Japan would also be an alternative, I can come up with Nagasaki Nightrider - Fuck it's frosty again