Friday, 4 December 2015

IDEAL - Bi Nuu 1982

What I have written about Kraut also applies to this fantastic band. All albums are real Sahnestücker and the first two I haven't not ripped (Oopss!) - The final studio album also shows that Ideal from Berlin are still a fantastic German punk band and that their first record was not the non-plus-ultra. Ideal was for me not a pure NDW band because they understand to put personal & socially critical lyrics in melodic, sometimes aggressive music. I would describe it maybe as 'Schlager', hahahaa... and fuckin' hell everytime I listen to their plates again their music loses none of its relevance and wakes a whole lot of memories. The brilliant live record Zugabe mentioned here again which shows the energy from the band live. Always a good choice & a real pleasure.

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