Friday, 4 December 2015

V/A - British Underground 1977-1982

Subtitled as the Best of the UK Punk New Wave. Well, this lies in the eye of the beholder or? Anyway, this small flame is the first Volume of this Mini-Serie and this unofficial release was comin' out on Chaos Wrecords in 1982 and it's full with a decent mix of both music styles. I realize there are a lot of UK comps and this is of course for me great, I love the early UK sound and I'm always fascinate when I get a copy of a record which is brand new, even when I know the songs. Minus points for the loveless design, no inserts, no info. So check the following orange button for details. Was bleibt?, a decent platte with cool and varied stuff. But € 50,- I wouldn't pay for. Have fun with this, Aloha!!

1.Instant Tunes - XTC
2.Cold Beat - THE SOUND
3.Whatever Happened To The West? - ANOTHER PRETTY FACE
4.Adult/ery - THE SCARS
5.Where Were You? - THE MEKONS
6.Damaged Goods - GANG OF FOUR
7.The Missionary - JOSEF K.
8.Let's Submerge (Live 1977) - X-RAY SPEX
9.Drums Over London - DISCO ZOMBIES
10.Looking At You - THE CIGARETTES
11.Spend The Night Alone - FATAL CHARM
12.Firing Squad (Live 1979) - PENETRATION
13.Novelty (Live 1979) - JOY DIVISION
14.Blue Boy - ORANGE JUICE


  1. mir bis dato völlig unbekannt.very cool..danke


  2. AWESOME - thanks a lot and cheers from Berlin!