Saturday, 5 December 2015

V/A - Rough Mixes From Switzerland 10'' 1981

This compilation came out on the Hamburg label Konnekschen and was 1981 a real good record. It was very difficult to get some Swiss plates because they were published in small editions and the distribution was rather poor. So with this release the German punk community noticed that in the cozy alpine republic exists a few bands which are damn good and so more attention spilled accordingly to our neighbours. One mistake, Chaos were from Vorarlberg/Austria and they released together with The Sick a split EP on the famous swiss label Off Course Records, both tracks here, dirty '77 punk at its best. Followed by the Sick tracks which are also fuckin' cool, this EP rules and nowadays traded at prohibitive price. Side B kicks off with the Zurich punks Sperma and they released a few records on Another Swiss Label and their debut 12'' is complete on this record. Love their snotty sound and the dialect, original Schwizerdeitsch, beautiful and for me the best songs here. Last two tracks are from Rudolph's debut 7inch, tempo bit out but 'No Claim With Bluff & Swindle' is a hymn and maybe the most famous swiss punk song. You have now found here four rare 7inches and what remains to do now?
1.Day Douldt - CHAOS
2.Get Out Of My Pocket - CHAOS
3.It's Never Too Late - THE SICK
4.Switzerland - THE SICK
5.Guns Of Navarone - THE SICK
6.Radio - SPERMA
7.Schmier - SPERMA
8.No More Love - SPERMA
10.No Claim With Bluff & Swindle - RUDOLPH DIETRICH

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