Saturday, 5 December 2015

ZERO POINT - Hooligans With Cheap Guitars 2006

Putting Denmark on the map with Zero Point, they were formed 1979 in Århus, but it all started a long time before that and is one of Denmark’s oldest and longest running Punk-Rock bands. The band was originally formed by Henrik Lund and Steen Thomsen and has been through several line-up changes since then. After releasing two EP's, a ten song tape and some compilation stuff, plus recorded some studio takes there never got a proper release and playin' more than 200 gigs (after that they lost count), among them gigs in England, Germany, Spain and Norway, the band called it a day and split in 1987. In 2002 Steen reformed the band and in the official program for 2002's “Holidays In The Sun” Festival in England they where voted among “THE BEST PUNK/Oi! BANDS IN THE WORLD EVER”!!! In 2003 they did their “comeback” gig at the Antifest in the Czech Republic in front of a 5000 + crowd. Since then they have played the Punk-Aid Festival 2004 in the U.K., the WASTED Festival 2005 in the Netherlands, done gigs with bands like The Toy Dolls, D.R.I. and been headlining their own 25 Years Anniversary gigs in Denmark (supported by very special guests: FOREIGN LEGION from the U.K.). This compilation contains all the 1979-1987 releases and recordings.

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