Sunday, 6 December 2015

SUDDEN IMPACT - No Rest From The Wicked 1985

A Longplayer that I have long ceased to be heard are this classic one from Toronto's hardcore band Sudden Impact. Formed in 1984, they built a sizable following across eastern Canada and the neighboring states below. Their first and only full length is one of the best 80's crossover albums I know. The band impressed with their 'Into Your Face' attitude and a trashy sound so my ass can't sit still. Twelve glorious rawness & intensive tunes that brings the 80's back. After taking a hiatus in 1991, the band reformed in 1995 and continued playing through recent years. Reid English, guitarist was 47 when he passed away on December 7, 2010, he did all the artwork for the band including the cover here. Cause of death was not immediately released. This post includes the Freaked Out demo, a live gig from 1986 plus two rehearsal songs. Compilation featuring the band: It Came From The Pit. Let's enjoy sixty minutes of fresh air!

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