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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

G.B.H - No Survivors EP '82 + Give Me Fire 7'' '82 + Catch 23 7'' 1983

Punk Rocking For Over 30 Years, that's what we have here now. - Charged G.B.H are an English Street punk band, formed in 1978 by vocalist Colin Abrahall, guitarist Colin "Jock" Blyth, bassist Sean McCarthy & Drummer Andy "Wilf" Williams. G.B.H were early pioneers of English street punk, often nicknamed "UK82", along with Discharge, Broken Bones, The Exploited etc.. They have gone on to influence several punk rock musicians. The name G.B.H was inspired by then-bassist Sean McCarthy's trial for grievous bodily harm. Charged GBH embarked on several English and mainland US tours during the early 1980s, including several gigs at the 100 Club. 1981 saw G.B.H's first record Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne and one year later the first full length album, City Baby Attacked By Rats. Lyrically, the band dealt with criticism of British and European culture, violence, morbidity (especially in reference to the song "Passenger On The Menu", which describes in graphic detail the experiences of the passengers on the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571), atheism, nihilism and humour. Musically, the band is loud and fast, with few songs exceeding three minutes. In 1984 the band changed their name to G.B.H (Grievous Bodily Harm). Unlike some early punk bands that evolved towards other styles, G.B.H have stayed fairly faithful to their original UK82 sound in subsequent releases. However, the band have experimented to some degree with a more speed metal-inflected sound and at this point i'm losing my interest. So here we have three singles from the early days and everyone is a pretty UK Punkrock Killer.

- Huge Thx To Fredrik -

Friday, July 29, 2016

G.B.H - Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne 1981

I have long considered to post this classic because a) everyone has it and b) it's available with bonus tracks. But today, after more than two years sleepin' on my hard drive I'm now in G.B.H temper and that's good. Long time ago I've been listen to this classic and this is a must for anyone who calls himself a punk. Nine songs full of energy which were not recorded as before. G.B.H made an important step towards into an angry, fast and furious powerful hardore/punk sound and influenced a raft of young bands. Their debut 12'' is for me one of the best UK punk records. Issued as mini album by Clay Records in 1981 and spent thirteen weeks in the Indie Chart, eventually peaking at No.8. A little info for those who need it: G.B.H (Grevious Bodily Harm) are an English hardcore punk band, formed 1978 in Birmingham by vocalist Colin Abrahall, guitarist Colin "Jock" Blyth, bassist Sean McCarthy and Drummer Andy "Wilf" Williams. G.B.H were early pioneers of English street punk, along with Discharge, Broken Bones, Exploited, and The Varukers. They have gone on to influence several punk rock musicians. G.B.H the name was inspired by then-bassist Sean McCarthy's trial for grevious bodily harm. They have tons of 7inches and albums out and they're still active. This is G.B.H at their best and let's enter the weekend!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, December 23, 2022

V/A - Clay Records Punk Singles Collection 1996

Well, Christmas is just around the corner and you might know this is not my time and I'm just only enjoying the days off before going back to servitude on Tuesday. But first we relax and the freedom kicks off with Receiver Records, who released this little compilation by the Clay Records label and this Punk Singles Collection "captures some of the prime material released on one of the most important labels in Britain's transition from Punk to Hardcore. The collection is naturally dominated by Discharge, who have eight of the twenty-two songs here; there are also multiple selections from G.B.H, the Abrasive Wheels, and the Lurkers, plus one track apiece by the Killjoys and future goth mainstays the Sex Gang Children. While it might be better for some fans to simply pick up compilations by the individual artists for a more detailed look, this will serve those who simply want a more concise overview." (Steve Huey) - Now you know what to expect: rough, trashy, and urgent sound, that pleases even the innocent Christ Child. ūüíÄ

1.Reality Of Wars - DISCHARGE
2.Fight Back - DISCHARGE
3.Decontrol - DISCHARGE
4.Never Again - DISCHARGE
5.No Survivors - G.B.H.
6.Sick Boy - G.B.H.
7.This Dirty Town - THE LURKERS
8.State Violence State Control - DISCHARGE
9.Give Me Fire - G.B.H.
10.Drag You Out - THE LURKERS
11.This Is Not Love - THE KILLJOYS
12.Frankenstein Again - THE LURKERS
13.Catch 23 - G.B.H.
14.Jailhouse Rock - ABRASIVE WHEELS
15.Mauritia Mayer - SEX GANG CHILDREN
16.Banner Of Hope - ABRASIVE WHEELS
17.The Price Of Silence - DISCHARGE
18.Let's Dance Now - THE LURKERS
19.The Prisoner - ABRASIVE WHEELS
20.The More I See - DISCHARGE
21.Do What You Do - G.B.H.
22.Ignorance - DISCHARGE

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

G.B.H - City Baby's Revenge 1982

City Baby's Revenge is the second studio album on Clay Records by G.B.H from Birmingham. The title is a response to the band's 1982 debut album, City Baby Attacked By Rats. The change of style can already be heard here and the album is a bit more rockier than its predecessor, but still worth listening to and with some classics on it. A short review: "City Baby's Revenge followed two years later in 1984, by which time the band had become one of the leading punk metal bands of the era. G.B.H. continued recording and releasing albums throughout the '80s, though their influence progressively waned as a new wave of bands such as Slayer emerged and pushed punk metal toward what became known as speed metal and, in turn, thrash. Despite its waning influence, G.B.H. soldiered on, recording new albums throughout the '90s and into the next millennium. By this point the band was often cited by both metal and punk bands as a huge influence, and a renewed interest in G.B.H.'s early recordings resulted. Keeping its original punk rock roots since its formation, unlike many other former punk bands, especially hardcore bands who later formed the Post-Punk genre of the mid to late 80s, the band has experimented with, alongside many other hardcore punk bands."

Monday, January 31, 2022

V/A - They Only Come Out At Night 1985

Let's say Tsch√ľ√ü to gray January with classics from tried and true bands who have released some fine slabs on Clay Records and this compilation has four of them ready. Dynamic PowerPunk songs are convincing from beginning to end on this piece of plastic (albums by them are also represented in large numbers on wdthtc), and the constant high energy is sufficient to turn all this ditties into an amazingly cool and catchy record and I believe, not just my heart will be feel warmer. Definitely a cool one and still easy to get at affordable prices these days, so watch out!

1.Frankenstein Again - THE LURKERS
2.Maybe Tomorrow - ABRASIVE WHEELS
3.Hellhole - G.B.H.
4.Newsflash - ENGLISH DOGS
6.Womb With A View - G.B.H.
7.World War 2 - ENGLISH DOGS
8.Sea Of Madness - ABRASIVE WHEELS
9.Faster Faster - G.B.H.
10.One Mans Meat - THE LURKERS
11.The Fall Of Max - ENGLISH DOGS
12.Christianne - ABRASIVE WHEELS
13.Pins And Needles - G.B.H.
14.Heroin It's All Over - THE LURKERS

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, February 01, 2019

G.B.H - City Baby Attacked By Rats 1982

Oh Yeah, we come to fast aggressive straight up punk and heavy guitar riffs by Birmingham's finest: G.B.H with their first full length on Clay Records and after almost forty years still a highlight in punk historyWhat should I tell you more? Music that clears your mind, so full of energy and dynamic, a sound that shuts out all your worries and you get the feeling that everything is possible! I want to quote a final review which I can only underline and the rest info can be found on sputnikmusic. "G.B.H's debut album, City Baby Attacked By Rats is an important album for the hardcore punk genre. The album remains a standout and is essential in the band's big discography. Even though albums like these aren't known for their diversity; it is the really the only major con. I would recommend picking up or at least give a listen to this if you are a fan of classic punk music, hardcore, even metal or just punk in general. This would also be a good album to start if you are new to the band." Enough for today, WDM has to rest.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Superb single with further lost recordings of a band that certainly nobody has on the slip and would make even Santa Claus sweat. We're talking about the first Love Child Release and this piece of vinyl is limited to 250 copies in hand-made, hand-numbered sleeves and was recorded at Twilight Studios Salford 1982 and has three rough crunchy pieces on it. Formed circa 1980 and initially called Social Disease, the original line-up of Manchester punk outfit Psychotic Funhouse was Wayne (vocals), Clive (bass), Pat (drums) and guitarist 'Khani'. Khani was soon replaced by Stuart. Managed by Pete 'Aussie' McCormack, Clive and Aussie rented a house in Flixton, an area of Greater Manchester that had a strong punk scene. The band’s earliest gigs took place in their local pub, The Lord Nelson under the watchful eye of landlady Margaret who enjoyed having punk bands on stage but wouldn’t accept any nonsense from them. The gigs went down really well with both the punks and local customers. PF’s first proper gig was in The Ancoats pub, a popular hangout for Manchester Punks. Run as a charity fundraiser, the gig attracted the Manchester Evening News who subsequently published an article and photograph featuring the band. Now friends of punk stalwarts G.B.H and Discharge, PF were invited as support for an upcoming Dunkinfield gig. Finding it sold-out and packed to the rafters, the Funhouse ran through their 7-song set twice! Soon after, the band scraped together enough cash to record three tracks at a little studio in Salford called Twilight. This was the studio that the Smiths later recorded their first ever demo. The band would go on to support GBH whenever they played Manchester, plus Exploited when they played the Cloud 9. The final PF gig was at the Red Lion pub in Flixton; in fact, the last live gig the Red Lion hosted! Search for more Love Child stuff in the Blog.

- Great Thx to Bristolboy -

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

V/A - Bored Teenagers Vol.10 2017

December, and behind the first door waits another haul of damn rare punk goodies in the ongoing Bored Teenagers series, and for those who are ignorant up to now I recommend every publication, and as long as you can get the vinyl version, these were mostly limited, get the slab, but if you fail, in this case, the CD heals too (suitable as an exclusive Christmas present, maybe?) - I quote a sweet description for you unfortunate consumers:

Info: "First up we bring you the FEATURES who were another old Roxy Club Punk band from Orpington in Kent. Both tracks have been taken direct of the master acetate that the band had cut in 1978 and pressed up 500 copies on their own Progress label. The next band the INNOCENT BYSTANDERS is a real coup for us as its features six unreleased tracks from this obscure London based band. This is the same band that released "Where Is Johnny" on a split single with the "Debutantes" on the 'ROK' label in 1979. I can't stress to you how good these tracks are.... Full of attitude with sneering vocals and the story behind this band is awesome! Next both goodies are brought to you by VAIN AIMS who are a very obscure Welsh band who only ever did one gig and split but in their very short existence they managed to record and released a single to die for and is so hard to track down as only 500 were pressed. What stands out for me on these two tracks are the vocals and the catchiness of the songs..... I can't believe this record is not on every body’s wants list, I put that down to the fact hardly anyone knows about this release! We then bring you the delights of from this North London based band called FENZYX who were mainly made up of ex members of Demon Preacher and released a sole 7" on the collectable 'Ellie Jay' in a pressing size of just 500 copies again in 1981. The third track from this band is totally unreleased until this day! It is a dub version and very unique. Following on we bring you the rarest UK Punkrock single ever pressed. Yes, the GREAT BRITISH HEROES (aka GBH), both tracks have been taken from their withdrawn Lightning Records release. When this single surfaced a few years ago, ALL the collectors around the world went into total meltdown and were shocked that it was actually pressed, NOT even the band were aware! We now move onto another old favourite of ours as we were the first ones to crack the mystery of Birmingham’s ANTI SOCIAL. Most collectors would of heard these tracks by now but we wanted to share the story behind this band. Plus a third track by this band what was going to be on their second single which never happened. The penultimate band THE PEROID hail from the outskirts of Manchester and were mates of the Buzzcocks. This band started off life in 1976 and did go through a few line up changes but did get their act together enough to enter into a studio. Sadly over the years, the master tape had got lost and these tracks have been salvaged from an old cassette found at the back of a draw. Now onto the band that closes this volume for us are UNDERDOG who were from Harlow in Essex. Not strictly a Punk band as they were on the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene but we thought it was a cross over single. Plus both sides of the single are a Full On Attack Of Noise and in the true punk spirit they formed their own label and self financed a run of just 500 copies - another tough record to find! So there you go and enjoy another album filled with rarities & great nuggets!"

Once again a brilliant selection of twenty-four catchy UK Punk Rarities. ENJOY!

1.Drab City - THE FEATURES
2.Job Satisfaction - THE FEATURES
3.(I Wanna Be A) Mercenary - INNOCENT BYSTANDERS
8.I’m Not Your Stepping Stone - INNOCENT BYSTANDERS
9.Fuck You - VAIN AIMS
10.Count - VAIN AIMS
11.Soldiers - THE FENZYX
12.Angels Of Mercy - THE FENZYX
13.Angels Of Mercy (Dub) - THE FENZYX
16.Traffic Lights - ANTI SOCIAL
17.Teacher, Teacher - ANTI SOCIAL
18.Sun Arise - ANTI SOCIAL
19.We Hate Wigan Casino! - THE PERIOD
20.Seaside Towns - THE PERIOD
21.Don’t Go Swimming On A Period - THE PERIOD
22.I Feel Sick - THE PERIOD
23.Life At 21 - UNDERDOG
24.Blue Water, White Death - UNDERDOG

Monday, December 28, 2020

TOY DOLLS - Tommy Kowey's Car 7'' 1980

First 7Inch of the Toy Dolls on GBH Records with two goodies. You can find enough information about the band on the net and another single as well. I'm tired today and therefore few words but all re-upp requests are done.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

THE PARTISANS - The Time Was Right 1984

Start this day with a classic record: The Partisans, formed in Bridgend/South Wales in early 1978, when all four members were in their early teens, issuing a handful of tightly played high-octane singles with better-than-average lyrics declaimed in a distinctive quasi-Cockney adolescent strop by Spike. This is their second album on Cloak & Dagger Records with thirteen energetic smashers, six of them live, which sounds still fresh and as up-to-date as in the 80s. Yeah, love this kind of intense music, a bit like G.B.H but only 'softer' if you know what I mean. So, I have to go into the city and get some gifts and it will surely a fight, every year the same... I kill them all!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Sunday, March 29, 2015

V/A - Compilation N.E.1 1981

Sunderland Musicians Collective, mostly recorded at Guardian Studios, released by Guardian Records N' Tapes shows this nice litte record what's going on there. A good mix of punky and wavie tunes which only appear here and not anywhere else. Don't know much about the Sunderland area but the sound of the city is quite cool and amazing that I can't find a typical UK smasher ala G.B.H or so on it. I guess, life is more melancholy and quiet as in London, it's here no different. Enjoy the music and dig in!

1.Drop The Bomp - 24 HOURS
3.Don't Do It - ZILCHO BABES
5.Switch Off - SUSPECTS
6.Arctotis Sloath Part 1 & 2 - REMNANTS OF WARSAW
7.In Britain - RED ALERT
8.Venu Sanctus Spiritus - FASHIONABLE IMPURE
9.Worky Ticket - TOY DOLLS
10.Master Of The Obvious - THE D.T.'s
11.Walk The Dog - NEGATIVE THROB
12.Break My Heart Again - ZULU 'N' THE HEARTACHES
13.Dream Song - GENOCIDE EXIT
15.Always Lose My Temper - THE CULT
16.Billy You're Ready - HIGH SPEED HEROES

- Special Thx to Nolti -

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

R.I.P. & ESKORBUTO - Zona Especial Norte 12'' 1984

Legendary split album on Spansuls records sharing two wild and radical bands emerged in the Basque Country: R.I.P. was a punk rock group from Mondragón and were part of the Basque Radical Rock musical movement in the early 1980s and started as Double Zero. They celebrate four great hardcore punk trashers in the vein of the early british style ala Discharge or G.B.H., fast ripping guitars with an angry voice, great!! They released two albums and be a welcome guest on numerous compilations. They disbanded in 2003 when their vocalist died in Bilbao. Eskorbuto was a punk band from Santurtzi which were formed in 1980. They have been one of the most influential bands for Spanish and Latin American punk rock. They are known for their strong attitude and crude lyrics. They were one of the first bands to perform punk with Spanish lyrics. Eskorbuto is a modified word taken from escorbuto (scurvy in Spanish). Along with the band La Polla Records, Eskorbuto has been very influential in the Spanish rock and punk scene. Four intense and strong mid-tempo goodies. Yeah, I love Spanish punk, always a pleasure and gladly taken. Salut!!

Monday, October 17, 2016


Some time has elapsed since the last Metal post and now a real highlight from Germany. This is one of the records which got lousy reviews in many metal magazines so for me an interesting record. This is the debut album by Necronomicon, a German thrash metal band founded in 1983 and two years later they recorded a demo called Total Rejection and in their early days they made punkrock in the vein of GBH or Discharge, hard, fast & loud but then soon they change more into metal. In 1985, the quartet signed their first record contract at GAMA Records. The band released their debut album "Necronomicon", still dressed in punk outfits on the cover. With a mixture of hard thrash with strong punkrock influences, they gained notoriety in the underground scene. To this day the band has produced eight albums, the second I had but still did not approach the strong debut, so I've just sold it. What I here like are the chainsaw guitars, the devilish rough voice (today I find it quite funny) and the powerful sound which drives consistently through the eight songs. Don't have to hide behind the American trashers, a solid German metal Platte.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

V/A - Burning Ambitions (A History Of Punk) 1982

Burning Ambition: The History of Punk, attempts to be a definitive overview of the British (except DK) wave/punk scene in the late 70s/early 80s and while it falls short of its goals, it's nevertheless an admirable effort. The Crème de la Crème are here to honor, only classics on it. Surely some of you, like me, have the original records at home but this double album should become a favorite of yours, because this record is one of the finest punk compilations which is ever released. Love to hear all these classic songs in this order and believe me.... you will enjoy it as a good fuck.

1.Boredom - BUZZCOCKS
2.Bingo Masters Breakout - THE FALL
3.12XU - WIRE
5.Keys To Your Heart - THE 101'ERS
6.I'm Alive - 999
7.Gary Gilmore's Eyes - THE ADVERTS
8.Justifiable Homicide - DAVE GOODMAN & FRIENDS
9.Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone - SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS
10.(Get A) Grip On (Yourself) - THE STRANGLERS
11.Your Generation - GENERATION X
12.Baby, Baby - THE VIBRATORS
13.Identity - X-RAY SPEX
14.Read About Seymour - SWELL MAPS
15.I'm Stranded - THE SAINTS
16.Chinese Rocks - HEARTBREAKERS
17.Lock It Up - EATER
18.Ain't Got A Clue - THE LURKERS
19.Lady - ADAM & THE ANTS
20.Love Song - THE DAMNED
21.Looking After No. 1 - BOOMTOWN RATS
22.Where's Captain Kirk? - SPIZZ ENERGI
23.In A Rut - THE RUTS
24.Angels With Dirty Faces - SHAM 69
25.Stranglehold - U.K.SUBS
26.Flares & Slippers - COCKNEY REJECTS
27.The Wait - KILLING JOKE
28.No Goverment - ANTI-PASTI
29.Holiday In Cambodia - DEAD KENNEDYS
30.Dead Cities - THE EXPLOITED
31.Last Rockers - VICE SQUAD
32.Harry May - THE BUSINESS
33.Police Story - THE PARTISANS
34.Someone's Gonna Die - BLITZ
35.City Baby Attacked By Rats - G.B.H
36.Complete Disorder - DISORDER
38.Lust For Glory - ANGELIC UPSTARTS

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, May 20, 2019

STHLM UNITED - Då Vi Var Punx 2004

Fuck, no package today... that gives me the opportunity to snip new files. Now a very interesting combo from Stockholm and this is their only album which they released on their own. Sthlm United were 19 (vocals), DP (bass/guitars/vocals), Manne (drums) and their sound is definitely influenced by 80's UK bands. Outstanding cover versions of G.B.H and the Clash are in addition to seven varied own pieces. Musically, they move between decent mid-tempo numbers and a bit ska, the songs are almost too long with nearly three minutes, but never become boring. There's not much information about the band and the addresses in the booklet are apparently already history. Anyway, this is a solid CD with nine Swedish detonators.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DRONGOS FOR EUROPE - Death's A Career EP 1982

Here's another classic one from the UK and this is their 3rd 7inch on Tempest Records. I can only say another damn cracker in the punk universe and you will sure share my opinion. I have some info from their home page here which I would like to put in you:  

"Formed in 1979 in Birmingham/England, playing early gigs with mates G.B.H. The Drongos first single was a DIY release in 1981 called 'Hope And Glory'. The band also recorded two EPs on Inferno Records in 1982 - 'Death's A Career' and 'Eternity', which actually charted at around 47 in the national UK charts - Unfortunately, nobody in the band bothered reading music press at the time or listened to Radio One (we were the first punks in our town to have our own flats/ homes, so everyone came back to our place to get wrecked. We didn't need much encouragement to join in) So, to cut a long story short - we never knew
until our then guitarist Anton joined in 1999, that we sold any records, and we of course never made any money and got ripped off like every band on Inferno Records. The band split in 1985 - reformed in 88 - carried on and off until the mid 90s, never actually splitting up but not doing anything, either. "Without doubt one of the most exciting Punk bands playing anywhere in the World today. From the brilliant 'Barcode Generation' to 'Hotline To Hades', the Drongos are no longer playing the best Punk Rock in the UK, but clearly setting the standard for Punk to come. Intelligent. Exhilarating. Honest. Quite simply brilliant". Drongos For Europe are currently one of the hottest bands in the UK gigging and touring more than most bands from the eighties, having toured many times in Europe and also touring the U.S."

Great sound, great songs, great band!

Monday, January 07, 2019

GENOCIDE & M.I.A. - Last Rides For... 1982

Awesome split record from Smoke Seven Records with two great US hardcore/punk combos. Genocide was founded early 1980 in New Jersey by Bobby EBZ (vocals), Wheels (bass), Jet Screamer (guitars) and Damage (drums) and "they were a full-throttle, skull fucking rip-ride of hardcore sex, ghetto drugs and berserk violence, a supersonic nailgun of Aquanet and mascara and spikes and splatterpunk and slutmetal. And this was way before most of that shit was even invented, brother. Led by shadowy charlatan and full-bore suicidal egomaniac Bobby EBZ, for one very brief but blinding moment in the late 80’s, Genocide threatened to rip rockNroll’s heart right out of it’s leather-clad chest and eat it whole. Besides a fashion sense that suggested needle Nazis from outer space, and a disposition just this side of liquored-up junkyard dogs, Genocide really ought to be remembered as one of the first bands to realize that there wasn't a whole lot of difference between the punk rock riot of GBH and the hellfire spit metal of Venom. So they played both at once - M.I.A. were formed 1980 in Las Vegas by Mike (vocals), Nick (guitars), Paul (bass/piano) and Moon (drums) and they broke up and then reunited a few months later in Orange County/California, becoming part of the growing scene there. Shortly after recording a demo, songs were snapped up for two now-legendary 1982 punk compilations: American Youth Report and Not So Quiet On The Western Front. The rest of the demo was released as a split LP Last Rites for Genocide and M.I.A.- The band struck a deal with notorious punk label Alternative Tentacles and released Murder in A Foreign Place in June of 1984. That summer they embarked on a grueling three month tour of the United States & Canada. In 1985 they completed another U.S. tour and headed back into the studio to record the post-punk classic Notes From the Underground. In 1987 the band issued its final studio album on Flipside Rec., After The Fact. In 2001, Alternative Tentacles issued Lost Boys, a compilation of the first two albums plus extras; in 2017 Darla Records reissued Notes From the Underground and After The Fact digitally and on CD for the first time." Great Music!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

ENGLISH DOGS - Mad Punx & English Dogs 1983

We stay in 1983 and move to Grantham, the English Dogs founded there in the beginning of the 80s and were at the forefront of the first wave of English punkrock. After two demos they toured as support to fellow punk band G.B.H in Germany during early 1983 which was very successful for and Clay Records signed them and shortly thereafter their debut 12'' Mad Punx & English Dogs appeared and one year later followed Invasion Of The Porky Men, the first full length album. Personnel changes ensued after the release and they leave Clay to sign with Rot Records and release the decidedly metal tinged To The Ends Of The Earth EP in September 1984. This indicated the direction and their sound became more metallic and Forward Into Battle (1985) documented this change in my opinion excellent. I think, I had three slabs and all are sold (although I enjoyed such sounds back then) and Where Legend Began ('86) completed the transformation and I was out. I think they are very popular in the metal scene and that's okay. So enjoy once more the old hits and I have to go, Bundesliga is on.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

CHAOS - Tribal Warfare EP 1984

Pogar was a small vinyl punk label in West Berlin of the eighties, which originated in 1981 in the former Berlin indie record store Vinyl Boogie. A total of about 50 different titles appeared on Pogar and this is Pogar 10. Chaos is one of these very unknown bands because they never release an official album, 1980 came their first demo out and then further a few tapes. In 1984 in an edition of 1000 their only vinyl here on Pogar Records. A compilation CD with all their recordings were released from Street Dogs Records and that's it. At that the 4 gents are not bad at all. Typical 80's UK punk sound in the vein of G.B.H, just a bit dirtier. Nice driving guitars, a decent tempo and a cool voice, really a lost nugget. What's next Baby???

Thursday, July 17, 2014

V/A - Paranoia You Can Dance To 1986

This compilaton was compiled by the Hamburg label Weird System and features the best of 'vinyl-fanzine' compilations 1 +2 which were released in the US on Flipside/Gasatanka records. All bands/tracks are damn good, no wonder by these names, remarkable the amazing live recording of the classic Misfits cut. But enough of words, perfect combination, nice and informative artwork, what else?

1.Gigantor - THE DICKIES
2.Religious Ripoff - GOVERNMENT ISSUE
3.Noone Is Ever Coming Home - THE FREEZE
4.Fight - SCREAM
5.Eighty-Four - UNDEAD
6.Warlords - F.U.'s
7.Suppose They Gave A War - T.S.O.L.
8.Give Me Fire - GBH
9.Island Paradise - DECRY
10.Metastasis - NAKED RAYGUN
11.Golden Boys - VAGINA DENTATA
12.Magnetic Shoes - PLAIN WRAP
13.Attitude - MISFITS
14.Walkin' The Dog - THE NECROS
15.Descending In E - CATATONICS
16.Shaken' All Over - AGENT ORANGE
17.Shoot The Kid - DETOX