Wednesday, January 07, 2015

R.I.P. & ESKORBUTO - Zona Especial Norte 12'' 1984

Legendary split album on Spansuls records sharing two wild and radical bands emerged in the Basque Country: R.I.P. was a punk rock group from Mondragón and were part of the Basque Radical Rock musical movement in the early 1980s and started as Double Zero. They celebrate four great hardcore punk trashers in the vein of the early british style ala Discharge or G.B.H., fast ripping guitars with an angry voice, great!! They released two albums and be a welcome guest on numerous compilations. They disbanded in 2003 when their vocalist died in Bilbao. Eskorbuto was a punk band from Santurtzi which were formed in 1980. They have been one of the most influential bands for Spanish and Latin American punk rock. They are known for their strong attitude and crude lyrics. They were one of the first bands to perform punk with Spanish lyrics. Eskorbuto is a modified word taken from escorbuto (scurvy in Spanish). Along with the band La Polla Records, Eskorbuto has been very influential in the Spanish rock and punk scene. Four intense and strong mid-tempo goodies. Yeah, I love Spanish punk, always a pleasure and gladly taken. Salut!!

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