Thursday, January 08, 2015

BLACK REBELS - It's Time Of Violence 7'' 1984

Nothing much info about the Black Rebels from Santa Maria Nuova/Italy. This is their only record, self-released and they recorded both songs at Malleus Recording Studio if anyone is interested. Musically here we have not the typical Hardcore/Punk or Oi! stuff but rather a slight metal sound, this is not bad because they kick ass, at least the a-side is a fast metal-hardcore track, and the best is they sing in Italian. Ahhhh, I love this language, as Negazione, scream till you drop. The flip is a bit slower, over 4 minutes, in English and a little more Oi! oriented. Found a review: "Mid- to fast-paced punk tunes. While not thrash, they are really driving with lots of hooks and guitar power. Excellent production as well. Tim Yohannan (from Maximum Rocknroll #24, April 1985) - Overall a very good 7inch from a rather unknown band. Forza Italia!

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  1. They kick ass, too bad they just have one record on their discography. Anyway, I'm from Italy, and I can say that the first track is not singed in Italian, it's some kind of strange english!