Wednesday, October 14, 2020

G.B.H - City Baby's Revenge 1982

City Baby's Revenge is the second studio album on Clay Records by G.B.H from Birmingham. The title is a response to the band's 1982 debut album, City Baby Attacked By Rats. The change of style can already be heard here and the album is a bit more rockier than its predecessor, but still worth listening to and with some classics on it. A short review: "City Baby's Revenge followed two years later in 1984, by which time the band had become one of the leading punk metal bands of the era. G.B.H. continued recording and releasing albums throughout the '80s, though their influence progressively waned as a new wave of bands such as Slayer emerged and pushed punk metal toward what became known as speed metal and, in turn, thrash. Despite its waning influence, G.B.H. soldiered on, recording new albums throughout the '90s and into the next millennium. By this point the band was often cited by both metal and punk bands as a huge influence, and a renewed interest in G.B.H.'s early recordings resulted. Keeping its original punk rock roots since its formation, unlike many other former punk bands, especially hardcore bands who later formed the Post-Punk genre of the mid to late 80s, the band has experimented with, alongside many other hardcore punk bands."