Saturday, 20 January 2018

ENGLISH DOGS - Mad Punx & English Dogs 1983

We stay in 1983 and move to Grantham, the English Dogs founded there in the beginning of the 80s and were at the forefront of the first wave of English punkrock. After two demos they toured as support to fellow punk band G.B.H in Germany during early 1983 which was very successful for and Clay Records signed them and shortly thereafter their debut 12'' Mad Punx & English Dogs appeared and one year later followed Invasion Of The Porky Men, the first full length album. Personnel changes ensued after the release and they leave Clay to sign with Rot Records and release the decidedly metal tinged To The Ends Of The Earth EP in September 1984. This indicated the direction and their sound became more metallic and Forward Into Battle (1985) documented this change in my opinion excellent. I think, I had three slabs and all are sold (although I enjoyed such sounds back then) and Where Legend Began ('86) completed the transformation and I was out. I think they are very popular in the metal scene and that's okay. So enjoy once more the old hits and I have to go, Bundesliga is on.

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