Saturday, 20 January 2018

APPENDIX - Money Is Not My Currency 1983

For breakfast, I serve gentle Nordic dance music from beautiful Finland and invited are: Mikki (vocals), Jaska (guitar), Tomi (bass) and Vesku (drums) = Appendix. Hailed from Pori, a small town in the western coast of Finland, and although they were not as raw, fast or chaotic as most of the other Finnish hardcore bands at the time, they undoubtedly deserve their place in the Finnish 1980’s hardcore punk history. Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa is their debut record and was released via Propaganda Records (the label for exquisite Finnish hardcore) and in Germany via Rock-O-Rama, one of the wiser decisions of the Cologne. Sixteen melodic straightforward mid-tempo punk & hardcore songs guarantee lots of wet ear orgasms. The second album, Top Of The Pops (1984), continues seamlessly with more catchy crackers and in autumn the same year the band split up. In the mid 90s Appendix has reformed and made new records/gigs but they can't reach the level of the early days... now it's time for a warm shower!