Friday, 19 January 2018

COMMANDO 9mm - Únete Al Commando 1987

After their great debut 'Amor Frenopatico' Commando 9mm planted with their second album one more fantastic record with fourteen excellent tracks via La General in the in the fruity soil of the underground. Commando 9mm is the result of two other groups which dissolved in 1984, La Uvi and LarsenThey began to play in a place on Embajadores and composed first songs. In 1985 they won the 3rd prize in the 8th edition of the Rock Villa Trophy in Madrid and the town hall produced a single Odio En Sudamérica. The start was done and they were very successful and to date five albums were recorded and sometime in 2002 the band broke up. Represented on some compilations, two of that are the ingenious Viva La Punk slabs.. with this sound into the weekend!


  1. Fantastic, dear friend,Thank you for this and two latest posts too.Have a nice weekend!