Wednesday, 17 January 2018


I think, I had three or four records from the following band but I can't find them anymore, only mp3's.. Fuck! Anyway, Strassenjungs is a punkrock band from Frankfurt/Main and they were often a welcome guest in many local youth clubs in the 80s and they have lots of records published, most of them on the band's own label Tritt Records. Their brilliant debut album 'Dauerlutscher' came out in 1977 and was set five years later, because of the offensive lyrics, on the index of the federal department for youth-writings. After expiration of the 25-year indexing period the album was again free to minors. What is absolute nonsense because this album is still a risk for the youth, hahaha. Los! is their third album and makes big FUN from the beginning and lifts the spirits with the housework or other activitiesAlive since 1977 and the latest album "HITZ" with new songs came out a year ago. Cheers!

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