Monday, May 20, 2019

STHLM UNITED - Då Vi Var Punx 2004

Fuck, no package today... that gives me the opportunity to snip new files. Now a very interesting combo from Stockholm and this is their only album which they released on their own. Sthlm United were 19 (vocals), DP (bass/guitars/vocals), Manne (drums) and their sound is definitely influenced by 80's UK bands. Outstanding cover versions of G.B.H and the Clash are in addition to seven varied own pieces. Musically, they move between decent mid-tempo numbers and a bit ska, the songs are almost too long with nearly three minutes, but never become boring. There's not much information about the band and the addresses in the booklet are apparently already history. Anyway, this is a solid CD with nine Swedish detonators.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Pass mal auf, was Du hier postest. Die Band ist ein Ableger der Nazi-Punks von Midgård Söner. Solch ein Dreck hat die ganze Punk Szene in Verruf gebracht. Das hätte ich bei deinem feilen Blog eigentlich nicht erwartet. ☹️
    Sonst bitte weiter so.
    Cheers'n'beers, Gunnar

    1. Nun Gunnar, danke für deinen Hinweis!
      Ich kenne Midgård Söner nicht und Sthlm United war mir bis dato auch unbekannt. Hier wird es nie Platz für Nazi-Kram geben und diese Scheibe ist okay für mich.
      Wer kann den denken dass bei solch guten Coverversionen Nazis zu Werke gehen?

    2. Punk is freedom of speech. Fuck the PC shit.

  2. Sure, two members came from the band Midgårds Söner, but they had both left the right-wing movement by the time they recorded this. 19 has been very outspoken and regrettfull about his involvement in that shitty movement. People CAN change

  3. Please Re upload this.
    Thank you