Thursday, July 17, 2014

V/A - Paranoia You Can Dance To 1986

This compilaton was compiled by the Hamburg label Weird System and features the best of 'vinyl-fanzine' compilations 1 +2 which were released in the US on Flipside/Gasatanka records. All bands/tracks are damn good, no wonder by these names, remarkable the amazing live recording of the classic Misfits cut. But enough of words, perfect combination, nice and informative artwork, what else?

1.Gigantor - THE DICKIES
2.Religious Ripoff - GOVERNMENT ISSUE
3.Noone Is Ever Coming Home - THE FREEZE
4.Fight - SCREAM
5.Eighty-Four - UNDEAD
6.Warlords - F.U.'s
7.Suppose They Gave A War - T.S.O.L.
8.Give Me Fire - GBH
9.Island Paradise - DECRY
10.Metastasis - NAKED RAYGUN
11.Golden Boys - VAGINA DENTATA
12.Magnetic Shoes - PLAIN WRAP
13.Attitude - MISFITS
14.Walkin' The Dog - THE NECROS
15.Descending In E - CATATONICS
16.Shaken' All Over - AGENT ORANGE
17.Shoot The Kid - DETOX

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