Thursday, 10 December 2015

THE SMITHS - Louder Than Bombs 1987

This day was terrible. I couldn't think clear, two years it is right now and I'm still struggling with this circumstances, always thinkin' of my beloved girl... miss you so much honey!! I flee into music and found this album here. The Smiths was one of her favourite band and without her I never came in touch with this Manchester group. I remember, as she told me that she has always heard a tape of them in her car. I listen to the sound and was instantly impressed. Yeah, that met exactly my taste which made me very happy. Clearly we look for records to buy and we get two, 'Meat Is Murder' and this one. Both are phenomenal. "Louder Than Bombs" is a compilation album and was released as a double album in March 1987 by their American record company, Sire Records. The album was released as the American counterpart to their recent British compilation ''The World Won't Listen'' and consisted of all singles and nearly all B-sides that had not at that point been available in the States, either on single or album, with a few other tracks added. Its highest chart position was number 63. A lot of killing songs are on it and they bring back lots of memories of happier carefree days and I can't stop cryin' when I listen to. For me reason enough to post this album here because she is thereby present and this record is a whole masterpiece with damn good lyrics and a beautiful voice. Take Care!


  1. The smiths had a the grace I saw them in concert and never been disapointed