Saturday, 12 December 2015

WIPERS - In Nürnberg 1987

Start today with a rare one and it's always a pleasure for me listen to: Wipers. Fantastic live recording from Portland's best, I love this band. Unnecessary to write more words. The song selection is perfect, sound is ok and with a total playin' time of 74 minutes simply superb. I'm sure that those who hear the combo for the first time look for a few plates, I promise: it's worth! Puuhhh, I'm lazy writing now, the gig yesterday was too intense. I guess I'm going to spend the day in bed now, post a little and rip a LP and of course soccer... I love Saturdays, enjoy! 


  1. fand das konzert damals in bochum in der zeche eher schlecht. jetzt im nachhinein mit 28 jahren abstand doch ganz passabel. gruss in das wochenende

  2. hello Buddy WIPERS tii the fuckin day i fuckin die and thanx very much for the greg sage lp is too good too