Saturday, 12 December 2015

LEATHERFACE - Edward's/Birmingham 31.3.1991

I'm sure a lot of you know the last Leatherface album which is called 'Viva La Arthouse' and it's again a delicious release. Recorded live in Melbourne, nineteen tracks in an awesome sound quality. And I sit here & listening to this album again & again. I love Leatherface and they accompanied me for almost twenty years. Like the 'Live In Oslo' album with this release you can do nothing wrong, you’d better hurry up and get a copy. Leatherface live shows have become the stuff of legend, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to caught them live you’ll have witnessed the pre-gig excitement, the trepidation of the emotional possibilities, the rollercoaster ride of each song and the overall full on powerhouse brutality of melodic punk rock. Here is another bootleg from my hard drive and this post is the proof that you can be creative when you listen at punk rock. Now I dig out this treasure with thirteen songs in a consistently acceptable sound quality. Get this for free and buy their new album - it's a must have and worth every cent! CHEERS!

Colorado Joe-Leningrad Vlad/Razor Blades & Aspirin/How Lonely/The Bastards Can't Dance/Green And Pleasant Land/New York State/Sublime/Speak In Tongues/I Have Many Things/Peasant In Paradise/Ideal World/In The Ghetto/You Are My Sunshine

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