Monday, October 17, 2016


Some time has elapsed since the last Metal post and now a real highlight from Germany. This is one of the records which got lousy reviews in many metal magazines so for me an interesting record. This is the debut album by Necronomicon, a German thrash metal band founded in 1983 and two years later they recorded a demo called Total Rejection and in their early days they made punkrock in the vein of GBH or Discharge, hard, fast & loud but then soon they change more into metal. In 1985, the quartet signed their first record contract at GAMA Records. The band released their debut album "Necronomicon", still dressed in punk outfits on the cover. With a mixture of hard thrash with strong punkrock influences, they gained notoriety in the underground scene. To this day the band has produced eight albums, the second I had but still did not approach the strong debut, so I've just sold it. What I here like are the chainsaw guitars, the devilish rough voice (today I find it quite funny) and the powerful sound which drives consistently through the eight songs. Don't have to hide behind the American trashers, a solid German metal Platte.


  1. die erste ist die Beste, danke für den Rip!

    1. ich kennn nur die ersten beiden und die zweite ist ein bißchen 'lahmer', da fehlen der Kick und die Nieten....