Tuesday, 18 October 2016

C.O.M.A. - Clinik Organik Muzak Anatomik 1979

This is another very interesting record and a veteran of cold-wave/weird synth punk music by this French trio Philip Ross, Philipp Huart and Patrick Blain, with their only album released on FlamingoEnergetic and very atmospheric electropunk stuff, proto punk ethic is added industiels of synths, electronics thrown carelessly and chaotic manner and voice that aim to convey rage and alienation. C.O.M.A. create a fresh gloomy sound and move in the fairway of bands like Kraftwerk, only harder and more provocative. 2013 Danger Records has been pressed a re-release (listen). Members went on to form Charles De Goal and Danse Macabre in the 80s. Great songs! And now quickly back into my warm bed.

- Big Thx to François -


  1. Thank you very much: I love this cover so I hope I'll like this record too -->have a nice week :)

  2. Hello everybody
    Try Edith Nylon still frenchy and more poppy
    You can easily find their first album on the net.