Wednesday, 19 October 2016

KAI MARTIN & STICK! - Biomusik 1980

Gothenburg band Kai Martin & Stick! or just Stick! which was originally called, was one of the early punk's most persistent and hard underrated band. But they quickly developed into a direction that made it into punk and conservative circles criticized the band hard. They we not called one of the right bands, synth bands and other patronizing, but the fact remains, punk was not a homogeneous musical style but accounted for musical freedom, which Kai Martin and Stick seized upon. The debut single, "Binder Min Tid" was released in 1979, the year after came the LP "Biomusik". This was followed by the critically acclaimed "Röd Plåt" LP in 1982 plus the 7'' "Man Ska Vara Som Ett Vilddjur I År" (You Should Be Like A Beast), who also restored some of the band's punk stamp, the group participated in both radio and television and in 1984 the band played at the Roskilde Festival and recordings of what was to become the group's last album, "Upptåndelsen" which is released the following year, 1985. Kai Martin & Stick! did their last show, which incidentally was recorded off the radio, on the Castle Forest Theatre 10. August 1985. At the gala Swedish Punk 25 years shook however, Kai and Gomer, along with Punk City Rockers, the dust out with "Beast" and "I Do Not Dance." With this cuts the band proved also that their detractors were wrong, Kai Martin & Stick! are definitely at home in punk!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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