Friday, 21 October 2016

V/A - Back To Front Vol.4 1994

Start the weekend with this amazing compilation and we're Back To Front and face rare Punkrock once again. Nineteen world-famous hits that belong to every decent music box. Incognito Records, 1000 copies and some of these nuggets you can find here in the blog, as well as volume 2 + 3 of this series. I hope you have the sun where it should shine and enjoy this round collection of hits.

1.Daddy Is My Pusher - THE TITS
2.Bela Sljiva - PEKINŠKA PATKA
3.Withdraw - THE STANDBYS
4.Catholic Love - EAT
5.Sätkyihminen - HURSKAS
6.Stooges - P.I.G.Z.
7.Wrong Time Wrong Place - IGNERENTS
8.I'm Tired - M&M'S
9.Chop Chop Chop - THE NEWS
10.The Kids Just Wanna Dance - FAST CARS
11.Psychedelic Musik - LIGHTNING RAIDERS
12.Jeg Ved Hvor Du Er - JOHNNY CONCRETE
13.Action - KNOTS
14.Pets - ANOREXIA
15.We're Comin' - WIDOWS
16.You'r So Boring - ROCKS
17.Cancer - CITY KENT
18.One More Eviction - TOT ROCKET & THE TWINS
19.Where Did The Money Go? - VICTIMIZE


  1. I love the Back To Front series!! Thank you!
    You don't by chance have Vol 1?


    1. hey Rexx, I don't believe I have #1. But I will look on my hard drive - Patience please.