Sunday, 16 October 2016

HASSISEN KONE - Täältä Tullaan Venäjä 1980

Hassisen Kone (Temptation) was a Finnish punk rock band from Joensuu which was founded at the end of 1979. The group started with a new wave of punk, but began to develop towards the end of a progressive direction. All three of the actual albums are classics of Finnish rock. Motion religious leader became angry with the band's name, and the band changed their name for a short time into 'Kassinen Machine". The band won a contest held in Oulu and shortly they released their debut 7'' on Poko Records. They recorded three highly successful albums before disbanding in 1982. The singer/songwriter Ismo Alanko has led several bands since then and continues to be an influential name in Finnish rock music. Hassisen Kone has played several nostalgic reunion concerts after they disbanded. In 2000, they reunited for a concert on midsummer at the Joensuu Laulurinne. The concert was filmed and released as a DVD titled Twenty Vuotta Myöhemmin (Twenty Years Later). Check this awesome band out.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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